Cornelius C-400

by stefan | February 2, 2013 | (0) Posted in Reviews

Dear RC enthusiasts,

There are several Reviews of the Cornelius C400 out there, but none on FilteTest. As I am a beginner and the C400 is my second model I wanted to share my experiences with you all, who like an affordable nice scale plane.

*As I am not an native english speaking person I apologies for misspellings in advance.

The Cornelius C-400 is made prom EPO foam and quit durable, as I lands hard several time, I know it for sure ;-)

The functions for the model are:

  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Ailerons
  • Flaps
  • Motor
  • LED Lighting

The default out of the box setup is:

  • Scale: 1:7.5
  • Wingspan: 1450 mm
  • Length: 990 mm
  • Weight: 990 g
  • Material: EPO
  • Servos: 4 pcs
  • Drive: brushless motor (outrunner)
  • Controller: HOBBYWING SkyWalker 20A


The first flights did work out quite well, but as mentioned I had a hard landing and thought of some improvements. The first thing was the broken front wheel steering, which also destroyed one gear in the servo. So I replaced the servo with a metal gear model. The D05010MG I bought at Hobbyking is working fine. Another extra I was looking for was to make the led lighting switchable. As I now had a broken servo I used the control board of the servo to build a remote switch. The only parts needed were the servo control board and two resistors 220Ohm. (There are many tutorials out on the web how to do this. Takes only 15-20 minutes if you do this nicely.)

Until here flying was already fun. But with other project in parallel I had some spare parts and decided to upgrade the C-400 to be able to do more 3d flying. -> I needed more Power.
I took a spare Turnigy D2836/8 110kV motor form my hex copter project and placed it the plane. Do be able to do so I had to modify the motor mount. I used a dremel to make the motor mount not block the fixation of the motor hud. With the motor I switches to a 9x4.7 airscrew. And not to forget I replaced the 20A speed controller with a 40 A version. The max. current of the motor is 18A, but I wanted to keep the controller cold when going hard and the 20A solution did not satisfy me.

So far I am happy with the setup.

The next Setps will be to get a Park 4801320kV with a 0906E airscrew running. The modification of the motor mount will be the main challenge. I might have to create a whole new firewall.


Hope you enjoy my article.

Other project:
Hex Copter (custom build – not happy yet)
SkyStream (box version, very nice)
Red Eagle one-wing (custom build – mainden flight today!)


stefan on February 2, 2013
NEXT Project :
and manybe Tri Copter TGY Thalon
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stefan on February 2, 2013
Oh my good !

I put in the Park480 motor after writing the article. As I could not wait to see the plane performing with the new motor I went outside to the field and tried it. Well knowing that there might be some winds. The pane took of after about 1,5 meters and got straigt to the sky... ..nice.
But when descending to land, a strong wind gust came up and pushed it about 15 meters aside into a tree --> TOTAL Crash. Electronic ok, but the airframe is lost... ...well I think that is some experience more. I am a little depressed, because I really liked the C-400 but, I will go to the necxt project soon.
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Cornelius C-400