DIY FT MiG-3 | Build

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Josh takes you through each step of the FT MiG-3 build process. For complete instructions, follow along in the video!


Power Pod

Assemble power pod. Cut holes to help route ESC. Clear out cavities. 

Make A-folds and reinforce with hot glue. Make sure both sides are nice and square (90 degree angles).

Install firewall with hot glue (hold 30 seconds). Reinforce with tape.

Put tape on tabs. Open holes with barbecue skewers.

Assemble motor. (Watch video for details.) Don’t put on the propeller just yet.

Mount motor onto powerpod on firewall.

Mount ESC on bottom. Test the servos in manual mode. Make sure it spins counter-clockwise.

Pass battery connectors and ESC wire into powerpod.



Bevel wings (see video for details).

Line up bottom surfaces with trailing edge. Tape together and hot glue.

Make C-fold with outer tabs then glue.

Use paint stick and glue two properly sized pieces to wing to reinforce.

Glue main spar to the wing. Reinforce with paint stick.

Shape the wings. Fold the wing. Use barbecue skewer to make crease. Reinforce with hot glue. Use hot glue to assemble wing entirely. (See video for glue placement.)


Join wing together with hot glue. Remove excess glue with scrap foam board. Reinforce with tape.

Make polyhedral (watch video for details)—use dihedral gage included in kit. Use glue to reinforce. Remove excess glue with scrap foam board. Reinforce with tape.


Cut out access hole. Install servos, control horns and push rods (watch video for details).

Bevel cut ailerons. Reinforce with hot glue and scrape off excess.



Assemble Main Fuselage (Watch video for steps)

Assemble Hatch ( Watch video for steps)—including canopy and front hatch

Install Wing to Main Fuselage (Watch video for steps)

Additional steps in video!


Purchase your FT MiG-3 speedbuild kit here.

Build your own FT MiG-3 with these plans.


Have you gotten your FT MiG-3 speedbuild kit yet? What's your favorite part about this warbird?


Michael763 on April 5, 2017
This is great. Thank you!
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mmiller1 on April 6, 2017
I can not seem to download the full sized tiled plans. When I click on the plans link, I get a 6 page set of plans which of course are not the correct size. What am I doing wrong. I am trying to download the plans for the new
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Josh Briggs on April 6, 2017
Plans index:
FT MIG-3 PLans Tiled:
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KC289 on August 6, 2017
Cannot copy and paste on my pad. Is there a link maybe?
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KC135 on April 6, 2017
I cannot seem to find the "Tiled" plans for this "FT Mig-3". Can you please provide the link to the "Tiled" version of these plans?
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Josh Briggs on April 6, 2017
Here are the plans here:
Dan sponholze plan index:
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KC135 on April 6, 2017
Thanks for the "Tiled" plans for this "FT MiG-3". I appreciate your Help. Thank YOU....
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ChumTaco on April 7, 2017
The build video has the potential to confuse new members of the community when it comes to motor/ESC/prop selection.

Josh comments in the build video that he prefers to run this on a 4S setup with the Emax GT2215/09 and 30A ESC. The FT store and Emax website lists the GT2215/09 as a 2S-3S compatible motor. It'd make good sense to update the Power Pack C and motor store pages to emphasize that it can run on a 4S setup with the right prop.
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cadriel on April 11, 2017
What's the right prop? :)
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jason51873 on April 26, 2017
Is it just me or are the links to the 3D parts missing?
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FTFan on May 18, 2017
I have used a 40 watts hot glue gun for building other FT white foam planes, if I need to build the MIG 3 I have to purchase the 200 watts hot glue gun.?
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screen23 on June 18, 2017
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Vlad on October 8, 2017
Every time I try to load the plans into corel draw so I can laser them out it crashes corel. Any advice?
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ryota80 on September 8, 2018

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DIY FT MiG-3 | Build