DIY Mini Drak 720mm

by abdul | October 28, 2017 | (6) Posted in Projects

Hi everyone...

This is my first article im sorry if i made mistake here and also english is not my first language so bare with me :D

So recently i've made mini drak using polyfoam. designing this plane is quite challenging. i spent one day full just to build this plane until its ready to maiden. i've not maiden it yet :D. The challenge build this plane are alot. first i don't know where to put servo. im using 9g servo and its not fit in the main wing. So i decided to place the servo in the middle wing section, but after i glued the servo, the middle winglet block the push rod so i decided to make a hole in the winglet. the next problem is wiring. there are two main deck, top and bottom. im quite confuse how to wiring the esc and servo. I design the FC to be placed at the top deck so that the wiring should not be a problem but in fact the wiring is soo messy. At the end i put all the wiring to the bottom deck. i haven't install FC yet, maybe after first maiden i will intall it and FPV too.

The next Probelm is CG. This is what makes me fear about in every design that i've made. i've design bunch of plane and when i maiden it the CG is not always spot on. in 20 design i've made only 3 that i get the CG spot on.

This are electronics that i used in this plane:

  • OEM Brushless 2307 2300KV
  • OEM ESC 30A Blheli Dshoot ( not recomendded for plane, suitable for quadcopter )
  • Towerpro 9g servo
  • Buck Converter
  • Frsky D4r
  • 3s 1500mah LiPo


Timwetzel on March 8, 2018
PLANS?? the set up is way to expensive to buy so iv been wanting to build it!

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Sandman.19 on March 8, 2018
Great looking build! Cannot wait for plans!
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Gryf on March 14, 2018
Looks amazing, Abdul! Hope it flies as nice as it looks. ;-)
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Damig on March 28, 2018
sweet, good looking ship, sir! please post flight..maiden? salute
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DIY Mini Drak 720mm