DIY tail boom fix for micro heli's

by Driveandairsmash | October 1, 2013 | (0) Posted in How To

So i just recently broke my tail boom on my heli max axe becuase it want tail end into the ground from about 10ft high. I could not fix it becuase it frayed. I was really sad then I figured out a way to fix it! I dont know if this will work with the blade micro heli's but I think it might work. I took a barbeque skewer and i shaped the ends of it the shape and size of the old tail boom and I put more notches on the end where the stabalizer goes! I cut it to size and then put electrical tape to hold it to the frame so that if I break this one it can just make a new swewer! Here is the picture from one of the test with it today!


It fly's pretty good for me right now and i even have more tail auuthroity!


If it breaks it is a easy replace!

You can cut it to the length you want!


It is made of a barbeque skewer.

It might not perform 3D as well because the tail is just a little bit wobbly.


So Those are the only problem I have with this idea but if you just wanna fly without problems then it will eb fine!

I have not tested 3D with the new tail yet so when I do I will post in the comments on how it does!


Hope this helps thos frustrated micro heli pilots!



Driveandairsmash on October 9, 2013
So I tested out 3D with it. It did not lack 3D that much but make sure the tail boom is on the heli really good or it might start to bend. It works nice though I liked it!
Hope this Helps,
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DIY tail boom fix for micro heli's