DIY Transmitter tray on the cheap

by dalaman | February 2, 2015 | (4) Posted in Projects

 I've just gotten the Multi-copter bug and deceided to give it a whirl. ;) However I'm a pincher on the sticks, not all thumbs, so, just holding the TX by hand or neck strap is not good for me. I need substance, in the way of a tray I mean. With just a couple of bucks in hand I decided to make a tray on the cheap. I did and it works great!

Here are the results of my labor. No video showing how it was made but if you follow the photos it's not difficult to build. Hell if I can do it ...well so can you.

 Well there it is looking totally hokey but IT WORKS!

Here is a short video of the tray hard at work.

UPDATE: I just got an FPV setup and attached the monitor to my tray. It still works! Note: after this photo was shot I added some velcro to the blue noodles, 1" under the tray on each side and small piece on the TX. While I was playing around I found that if you bent forward to far (like touching your toes) the TX came loose at the bottom and tilted forward. Thus the velcro which seems to hold the TX in place. Oh, in the background is my ElectroHub Quad from FT. On top is the FPV backpack from Hobby Wireless holding cameras, vtx and battery.

Ok, here we go. First lift a lid from one of the wife's plastic shoeboxes (or buy one.) This is crucial!

Then gather up the following parts. I've provided photos of such items in no particular order.

 I got the yellow one at a pool store and the blue one at $tree. The blue ones provide arm resting. 

The 5" x1/4" Eye-bolts I purchased at Menards. You need 2 plus two extra nuts and 4 washers.

 The "clip" above from your junk drawer or Walmart. You need 2 of these. The attached wire is just 14ga electrical slip-notted to the clip and a piece of duct tape so it wouldn't stick out. You will decide the length to use with your own needs. Just adjust it so the tray lays the way you want it.

You'll also need about 1 ft of 1/2" pvc pipe (check the junk drawer again) and 2 ft of 1/2" square dowel rod all can be purchased at Menards, Lowes ect. The pipe pieces are 2 1/2" and 9" long. I used a Dremel to cut a slot in the pipe (2 1/2" one) for the TX handle to set in. If you cut it just a little snug then the TX won't fall out if jarred. Glue the small piece in with CA, epoxy or hot glue. The larger pipe is for the back side which has the 14ga wire running through it across the front of the tray (underneath.) Drill 1/8" hole on each side for the wire to pass through to attach to the clips. Use some small zip ties (2) to hold the pipe in place against the lid.

The 9" square dowel rods will be used on the bottom side. Attach with short wood screws through the lid.

 Close-up of the wire through the hole and pipe. Also shown are the small zip ties and the large 18" zip tie.

 Below is the 2 1/2" handle holder made with the PVC pipe.

 18" zip ties purchased at Menards.

 Must'nt forget the camera strap or a shoulder strap off of something in your basement. Just look around. You'll fine something. Mine has an adjustable bar on each side so I hooked my "clips" to these to support the sides. If your's doesn't have anything to hook the clips to just drill a hole an attach a gromlet on each side.

Here is the front of the tray without the TX. The 3" pool noodles (2) have a notch cut to fit the lid. These are not glued on. They are belly guards and help hold the TX study in the tray and you have a clear view of the screen. They look kinda cute too...

If I forgot anything I'm sorry. I'm old.

Questions...ask away and don't forget to rate my article. I won't take it personal.:(



Yogenh on February 3, 2015
Looks really nice. You did a good job with it
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dalaman on February 4, 2015
Thanks yogenh!
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NoUsername on March 15, 2015
Looks easy enough and comfortable.
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DIY Transmitter tray on the cheap