DJI Phantom 2

by PlaneCoolRC | June 25, 2014 | (0) Posted in Reviews


The DJI Phantom 2

In this episode of PlaneCoolRC Josh and special guest Ryan review the DJI Phantom 2. The Phantom is very pleasing to the eye with a smoothly rounded outer frame with no jumbled wires. The auto tightening propellers on the Phantom make transportation very easy, and putting the propellers back on uses almost no effort at all. Ryan also put a Zenmuse gimbal with the GoPro Hero 3+ black edition with a 5.8gHz FPV system. The GPS system on the Phantom is incredibly locked in. We were flying on a relatively windy day (as you can probably hear in the video) and yet the Phantom was having no trouble at all staying near stationary. The Phantom 2 also makes flying a breeze. With GPS lock and return to home, almost anybody can fly this amazing quad with little to no prior experience. Overall we are highly impressed with the quality of this product and hope to discover more of the intricate features of this system.

Ryan's FPV monitor setup


The convenient slot-in batteries


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DJI Phantom 2