E-Flite Scimitar

by FliteTest | January 11, 2012 | (9) Posted in Reviews

The E-Flite Scimitar! Today we review and test fly the Scimitar, a fast, rigid foam flyer. This amazing plane is built tough, and is made for high G maneuvers, and crazy aerobatics. 

The Scimitar has seamless hinge on the ailerons and rudders and is setup with snap on replacement parts.  The plane is tightened together very securely with allen head screws.  

We opted to get the model with the retractable landing gear.

We needed to make a few modifications to our Scimitar, specifically to the nose landing gear.  The push rod seemed to be moving too much, so we zipped tied it inside to keep the retract from binding on the push rod.

Because this thrust vector plane it's very important to balance your prop!
Horizon has provided a video detailing how to balance your prop as well as more information about this plane here:


The Scimitar's engine produces a lot of torque!  So much that we had to do some throttle mixing to compensate for the banking that was occurring when throttling up. This RC plane offers about 5 minutes of high power flight on the included 4 cell 3200mAH battery.

Along with the setup for balancing your prop, you'll want to also be sure to setup your radio as well! This 

Here is the link to the DX8 download for the Scimitar.   

More details on the E-Flite Scimitar and How to setup the RC plane here:


thercmaster on July 3, 2012
That plane is very fast

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bitogre on January 7, 2014
What skill level is this plane good for?
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Bmoodz on November 5, 2014
You guys should build or find a airplane fast enough to fly it while inside a car.
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E-Flite Scimitar