Easy Simple Soarer Landing Gear

by gremlin88 | June 5, 2014 | (0) Posted in How To

This landing gear was made with materials I had around the house to protect my first scratch build, the simple soarer.


Hot glue gun

 Wire cutters

Stiff Wire


Plywood or Cardboard (Optional)

Small Wheel (Optional)

Simple Soarer (Not Optional)

Front Skid

Cut your wire to a length of 7.5 inches (19 centimeters). bend it a little until it has enough curve to fit between the finger grip and the posterboard.

If using plywood or cardboard, cut two small squares and make a hole in each. Position on the plane as shown.             ( Please excuse my previous skewer landing gear.)

Put a drop of hot glue in each hole. Position the wire in the holes as shown. Let the glue dry.

Optional Tail Wheel

 Cut a 2.5 inch piece of wire and bend at the 1.5 inch mark.

 Now slip on a wheel and use a zip tie or wheel collar to secure. Use hot glue if necessary.

Or use a premade tail wheel like this. This one is from a Mini Super Cub.

If you want your tail wheel to be steerable for maybe a motor glider, Position it on the side of the rudder like this. Otherwise, position it on the skewer landing gear from the original build.

Well, please make improvements on this design. I may add a front wheel to the skid, unless someone else beats me to it.


Yogenh on October 18, 2014
Not bad.
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Easy Simple Soarer Landing Gear