ELITE visits Boy Scouts

by MESA RC | January 9, 2015 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

To the FliteTest Community;

Our after school continuation ELITE program of MESArcFF had the opportunity to do some outreach community service with our local Boy Scout chapter in Fort Collins. The goal was to teach them another problem solving application they can apply their current skills learned from the boy scouts too.  We covered the Engineering Design Model we use and how it works, demonstrating examples of the solutions (i.e. planes and multirotors) the students had come up with the past semester.  As well as getting them into the FPV seen where they were able to make quick connections as positive tool these rotors could be used for in a search and rescue type mission in the woods.  One said it would be great to take one on their camping trips just in case they get lost, just send the rotor up, survey the land real quick, and they can find their way.  A lot easier then taking time to find higher ground to survery where there location is relative to landmarks.

They loved the equipment in action and were immediatley hooked on the concept of making and flying their own created plane or rotor.  Look to see something of these kids in the MESArcFF program in the future.

Thank you to our ELITE team members for making the effort to come out and spend time with the club.  As well as a big thanks to the local Scout group that invited us out.

For more information about the MESArcFF program: http://www.mesarcfoamfighters.com/ 

Thank you for supporting the program,



Marshall seen here showing students Ashton's solution in creating the F-15 Eagle fighter jet.


Senior ELITE students Danny Lieber talks about this solution to a problem in progress.  See this project on our channel towards the end of the semester.


Danny demonstating 3D flight.


Some FPV flying.


Excited, excited, excited!


Thank you guys, and yes, you are on YouTube!


Troop 17 Aviation Group on January 9, 2015
This is awesome of you guys to do and I'm sure that because of you at least one of them will pursue the hobby. I myself am an Eagle Scout and plan to do a similar thing a couple of times over the next year. Keep up the good work!
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FPVamaury on January 9, 2015
I was just going to do this this sunday!! awesome video!
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ELITE visits Boy Scouts