F-18 Blue Angels EDF

by FliteTest | November 11, 2010 | (19 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

Alas! Josh Scott gets to see this classic jet up close and personal. Plus there is an additional surprise Josh Bixler can't wait to share with his buddy with the same name.


BigRed1 on July 5, 2012
we need more jet reviews!!!!! like the F-22 and f-16! also. could we think about doing an "after market/ mod jet episode with Dons Wicked R/C brush less motors? they work wonderfully with Hobby King f-16.
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barter9 on December 4, 2012
That's awesome! Love the afterburner idea, putting lights on it would be the icing on an already delicious cake.
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Coal Miner Clean on November 29, 2012
Hi Josh & Wah,

Did you post a how to on the Flame thrower LED's ??? Very Cool, every Piper cub, DeltaWing FPV, Glider should have one.
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tramsgar on September 17, 2012
One of the best! Little Josh on speed.
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mikeflight on October 9, 2017
What meds was Josh Scott on when this video was shot? Must be good stuff. He is totally spaced out. Next time I am sick I hope the doc gives me some of what he was having­čśÄ
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