Fat Shark FPV Goggle Comparison

by FliteTest | June 24, 2016 | (6) Posted in Reviews

A lot of FPV goggles have become available over the past year, including four different models from Fat Shark that are now available on the Flite Test Store. We wanted to share an overview of each different product to help you make an educated decision on which goggles will be a positive and successful investment for you.

The four Fat Shark models are:

Learn more about the prices and features of each of these Fat Shark goggles HERE.

As you go up in price, you can expect to add the following features in this order:

Just like regular display screen monitors, a higher resolution generally means a better picture. However, with the limitation in FPV camera resolution, you may not see as clear a picture as you want.

Field of View (FOV)
Generally, the bigger the FOV, the more immersive your picture will be. If it’s 35 degree, then the edges of the screen are at a 35 degree angle from the center point of your eyes.

Video Recording – Built-in DVR
Some goggles give you the ability to record your flight on a Micro SD card. Some models even allow you to play back footage on the goggles. This is helpful for crashes, since you can rewind and find out where you landed. You can also get an external DVR. 

Head Tracking
This receiver allows you to bind the on-board camera motion to the pilot’s head motion so that the camera moves around accurately and smoothly as the pilots move their heads. This creates an even more immersive FPV experience, considerably increases the field of view and gives you a safer flight.

Inter-pupillary Distance (IPD)
This is the distance between the center of your pupils. Having adjustable IPD he.ps both eye pupils to be positioned within the exit pupils of the viewing system.

Receiver Diversity
Diversity means that there are more than one video receiver in the system. The diversity will automatically choose the best reception, giving you the best possible video link. Each receiver has its own antenna that can be pointing at a different angle or a different type of antenna with different gains.

Overview of goggle features:

Teleporter V5

  • Good entry level goggle
  • Comes with 5.8 Ghz receiver module
  • Includes all standard Fat Shark features
  • No DVR, no diversity, no IPD controls
  • Has goggle eye cups

Attitude V3

  • Comes with replaceable 5.8 Ghz receiver module
  • Includes IPD controls
  • Has full face mask with padded insert
  • Includes ventilation fan to prevent goggles from fogging up
  • No DVR, no diversity

Dominator V3

  • Does not come with receiver module
  • Includes DVR, diversity and IPD controls
  • Includes ventilation fan to prevent goggles from fogging up
  • High-res 16x9 aspect ratio screens
  • Has full face mask with padded insert

Dominator HD2

  • Does not come with receiver module
  • Widest field of view (50 degrees)
  • 800 by 600 resolution 4x3 aspect ratio screens
  • Includes DVR, diversity and IPD controls
  • Includes ventilation fan to prevent goggles from fogging up
  • Has full face mask with padded insert

What goggles do you use? Tell us why you like them!


Sirglider on June 28, 2016
I regret that Flitest is sponsored by some brands (Spektrum, Fatshark, Horizonhobby, etc.) You do not take into comparaison which would be very usefull other brands like Skyzone for example.
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Fishbonez on June 27, 2016
You forgot to mention that wearing glasses with any of these devices is not an option. Fatshark makes some optical inserts but they may or may not help
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donbijor on June 28, 2016
olaaa amigos nossa eu neim estou acredito que consegui deichar meus comentarios pra vcs olha eu cigo vcs no yutube ja tempo mais postar algo pra vcs primeira vc .Mais a respeito dos oculos nossa sao top de mais h2 neim si fala mais isso esta longe de mim no momento ai pra vcs ai ele é barato aqui em minas gerais eles sao muito caros ai bem vcs poderia fazer um patrocinio ne mandar pra mim uns adesivos pra mim colocar na minha caixa de ferramenta
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RustyBucket on June 27, 2016
Hi, can you retrofit the face mask onto the earlier versions of the Attitude"s that don't have it?
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Ran D. St. Clair on June 28, 2016
Ditto on the glasses issue. I would be ready to spend money if I could be sure these things would work for me.

Perhaps there are other products that would be better for people who wear glasses?

I would also be interested if any of these products have provisions to install prescription lenses.
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jolppy13@gmail.com on August 2, 2016
Like the video but although fatshark goggles that are on the video or being discontinued so what are you guys going to do now with the new stuff that's coming out
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Damig on January 11, 2017
So, Much like XEROX brand naming the industry of copier, Does FatShark own the title of FPV Goggles? So, either you watch a monitor to fly, or "FatShark style" glasses goggles, or..OR Headset type of viewing a 4x7 screen...which admittedly, looks bulky, and well not as SEXY.
Best on a budget? And save for the $379.00 sexy style FatShark...as a some day?
Thanks for your thoughts....
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Electroneer on September 6, 2017
I like the video but can you please update with the HD3?
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Fat Shark FPV Goggle Comparison