First builds: Spitfire. DH Comet. Dusty Crophopper

by grandwizard | December 25, 2023 | (4) Posted in Projects

Looking for advice as to not to destroy my models into hundreds of pieces.

All of them have a cheap A3 V2 installed, not yet configured
Haven't flown any of them yet - just finished building when the weather got bad and cold. :(

Just gonna state that as an intro - i'm not a native english speaker, sorry for any errors. Greetings from Poland to the whole community.

So - i bought some more foamboard than i thought i would need for a single airplane. Why?
Coz i know i'm stupid and i will probably need to retrace and redo at least half on my work.

But hey! It honestly wasn't that bad! :) I can not overstate how good of a job the guys at Flite Test are doing!

I ended up doing a print in 104,6% scale in A4 format - to account for the difference between the US "Adams Foam Board" advertised by Flite Test.
The european variety of foam board comes in 5mm thickness, a bit more than 4,76mm or 3/16 inch US - so i blew up the print by 4,6% to account for the thickness of european foam.

Thus the whole model is 4,6% larger... but also a lot heavier, because of the thickness of the individual foam boards.

That also meant my Spitfire got a bit too heavy for that basic BangGood motor (yeah i think everyone knows which one, just buy the lower RMP one).... so i had to give it a stronger 3S motor.
Yes - i went for a Warbird first. YALL got a problem with that? ;)

Short gear struts, Pepsi bottle for canopy..
Yes, i do have one friend who flies RC planes - he told me a warbird is a stupid idea.
But he also told me the same thing when i bought that 350$ beatiful TOP RC FW 190 Focke Wulf with retractable landing gear. :(
"Youre daft, Youre gonna wreck."
OK. He was probably right.

So i saw the vast amount of foam leftover from that Spit and i knew - i gotta have another one.The Comet!

Not any Comet, but one inspired by the Disney movie - he was called Bulldog in that cartoon due to that british heritage.
Did the engine nacelles way shorter, moulded them nice slick with the wing - no swapping.

Two BangGood motors - cos i already had one spare.

All the foam board that was left after producing that Comet, was supposed to be used for spare parts ater the eventual crashing....
But i was in a roll.
Disney it is then.

Dusty Crophopper.
The wing was supposed to be made from one piece of foam - instead it's made out of 3 pieces.
I didn't have any more steel rod for the landing gear so i used a wire coat-hanger.

It's winter in Poland now... And the closest thing to a real RC plane i've ever flown was the S720 by OMPHOBBY.

Great plane when i'm just having fun with the gyro on... lots of fun.
But waaaaaay too fast for its own good... it can desintegate itself in an instant midair.

NOT a beginner airplane once you turn off the auto-level option.

i ended up crashing A LOT

Snapped the whole wing mount even with "easy mode" ON.

The wing snapped while i was coming out of a fast dive. I wanted to impress my friends at their house with a sharp climb after a steep dive... i mean the sticker on the wing says "Sport" so i thought "lets go full sporty on that dive!" ;)

It was just the first of many wrecks - there's been a couple more severe ones after that one to be honest.

I've loosened the motor mount, broke the whole nose section in half, snapped the wings off again - i'm quite surprised all the servos are still functional after all those nosedives.

The sound of that styrofoam snapping still haunts me.


badbore on February 14, 2024
Your attention to detail and problem-solving skills in adjusting the print scale for the European foam board thickness are commendable. It's fantastic to hear that the Flite Test designs are working well for you. The decision to go for a Warbird like the Spitfire is bold and exciting! Best of luck with your flying adventures, and don't hesitate to share more about your experiences with the community.

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First builds: Spitfire. DH Comet. Dusty Crophopper