First Flight Lesson in a J-3 Cub

by FKreider | May 20, 2014 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

As a child my father always took me to breakfast at the local airport diner, where we ate breakfast and watched the planes land, I never forgot about those mornings but never considered that I might one day become a pilot.


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With a recent spike in my interest in aviation, both radio controlled and full scale I decided to go to a few local airports and check out the planes. I found a great local flight school that has two Cesna, a Citabria and the iconic Piper J-3 Cub. I talked to the instructor and scheduled an introductory flight.



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We had to re-schedule once due to poor weather conditions but on a beatiful May spring evening we got the chance to take the Cub up for a flight.


 photo photo21_zps2bded715.jpg


Because the J-3 is a tailwheel aircraft you must do s-turns with the rudder pedals as you are taxing, this is so you can always see what is in front of the plane. My instructor flys the Cub off of the grass runway at the airport, just like we were back in 1938.


 photo photo31_zpsdd3f581c.jpg


Here are a few short video clips and pictures from my iphone durring the flight, I go the chance to take the controls for a while and my CFI showed me the basics as well as some stalls and tight turns.


 photo photo4_zps1acc2396.jpg


 photo photo32_zpscf8b08b7.jpg


 photo photo41_zpsd1e46ac4.jpg


 photo photo23_zpsab2a808b.jpg




Miracle Air on September 16, 2014
Nice post. Those cubs look pretty from the inside as well. Did your instructor seem to prefer them to Cessnas?
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First Flight Lesson in a J-3 Cub