First Flight with the Camera

by ITCyoy543 | July 29, 2013 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

I just had my first succesful flight with a camera on my Phoenix 2. It was amazing! No wind, awesome sky, and West Virginia mountians. It was perfect. The plane also preformed like a dream with the camera on top. I was expecting it to be all wobbly and jello like because of the camera's weight. The only thing that changed was its stall characterstics. It dropped a wing tip on most of the turns , but they were easy to get out of.

 Anyways heres some pictures of the plane and some still shots of the flight. Heres the video to.



RoyBro on August 8, 2013
What kind of camera? How did you mount it to the plane? It is pretty high profile. I'm surprised it didn't effect the handling any more than it did.
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ITCyoy543 on August 9, 2013
The camera is a veho muvi hd10. Its the same thing as a gopro except its made by a small company in england. Supposedly its "better than a gopro"....who knows? It works though.
I mounted it with a velcro patch on the bottom and 2 straps on the side.
And actually the camera did effect the flight quite badly. The sudden movements in the video are actually the wing tip dropping. It was kinda tricky, but fun.
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First Flight with the Camera