FlightReel | Multirotor Parachute Drop!

by Flight Reel | June 29, 2013 | (0) Posted in How To

Test Video!

I'm just going show you how I made a parachute drop for my qaudrotor, it could also be used on a plane.


First I chopped off a little from my servo horn (be careful, to much gone won't hold the rubber band and to much wont relese it!) then glue your servo some where on you flying thing so that the horn is pointing away from where you will attach the rubber band. (I mounted mine where my finger is in the pic below)


Then I made a Weird knot with a rubber band onto my batter strap close to the frame.


I got a Garbage bag and cut it about 2/3 from the bottom (if you have a real, small parachute go ahead and use it) then tape 4ft of thread in all 4 corners of the bag


Then tigh all the 4 corvers and make sure they are all the same length and then tigh them to a paper clip (two knots)


Then I got something that would carry my payload and took the top off and glued a bent paper clip onto it with some hot glue

Now that your finished you have a parachute and a payload that can clip onto each other.

Thanks for reading my How-To Article!


jack111 on July 16, 2013

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Flight Reel on July 16, 2013
Thanks :)
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FlightReel | Multirotor Parachute Drop!