Flite Fest 2015 Recap

by FliteTest | August 3, 2015 | (11) Posted in Just Fun

We recently wrapped up our favorite weekend of the year, Flite Fest! This 4 day fly-a-thon is something we work very hard to organize and two years in a row the community has blown us away with attendance.

Pilots from all over the world were represented along with many more vendors. We didn't think after last year this could get any bigger. You proved us wrong!

Getting to meet all of you is what we look forward to. Flying together and making memories makes all the insane planning more than worth it. 

This event is as much yours as it is ours and we thank you for making the effort to come and hang out with us!

We couldn't have done this event if it weren't for our volunteers. You are all amazing humans!

Fred Provost

Ben Greenwalt

Tim McMahan

Jon McCarty

Sean Cochran

Ryan Papp

David Raynor

Andrew Arnold (Andy) Ross

Andre Rousseau

Jim & Jack Erickson

Mark Irvin

Luis Russi

Nicholas DiVitto

Robert & Penny Davis

Andy Timmons

Aaron Blake

Stephen Rosema

Alex Houston

Steve Zvada

Thomas & Stephen Walter

Dan & Keegan Sponholz

Michael Finley

Jan Stover

Curtis & Sue Adams

Jason Uberig

Time Meehan

Brad & Jack Molen

Mike Molen

Dan Crews

Jesse Robins

John & Lucas Russcher

Pieter Hoogvorst

Alejandro Rovillard

Paul Jennings

Josh Wenzel

Allen Schmidt

Richard Ames

Kenny Ames

Keven Evanoski

Pete DeMoss

Stephen (Drew) Wilkerson

Patrick Shawn Murphey

Chris Krawczyk

Ken Rinaman

Nick Simpson

Bryan McCord

Chris Windham

Rich Edmonds

Andres Lu

Nathan P Conley

James Macius

Terry Loughmiller

Christopher Casaccia

Jimmy McIntosh

Brian Rydzeski

Brian Meyer

Gregory A Walter

Jeremy Thompson

David Husher

Kevin Hoskins

Jim Newton

Neil Baugher

Ron Lauser

Joe Birchhill

Mike McTague

Jeremy Thompson

Andy Chase

Mike McCormick

Eddie Black 

Wendy Willett

Brydon Gibson

Rodney Kearney

Joe Osborne

Bryan J McCord

Joni Hoskins

David E. Simpson

Clayton Greaves 

Joshua Pedar Wyatt Greaves

Toby & James Ray

Ben Kocsis

Rick Tatem

Merritt Caviness

Carl Lydick

Stephen Simonson

Thomas E. Armour Jr.

Andrew Guenther

Mindy Surratt

Jeff Bezusko

Tim Klotz

Devin Crumb

Bates McLain

Aaron Garmon

Abdullah "Tarik" Can Agcayazi

Jeremiah E. Walker

Mark Moebes

Sarah Korsness

Jimmy McIntosh

Lin Qiongying

David Frappier

Matthew Burns

Darrin DeLaPorte

Jason & Brock Stropki

Zhu Zihui

This is the list of people who preregistered to volunteer and doesn't count all the people who volunteered at the site.

We are sorry we can't name everyone but please know we are eternally grateful for your time and effort. 

All of your hard work is appreciated a thousand times over. Flite Fest couldn't have happened without you!


Hawx.W on August 4, 2015
I wish to come next year but I'm in China, too far away :( I need to save for the trip
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Troop 17 Aviation Group on August 3, 2015
Hopefully Flite Fest 2016 will be Flite Fest West.
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Croom on August 3, 2015
Yes, please lol :)
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vitorbarros on August 4, 2015
You're amazing guys! hope someday to go to this event! Cheers from Brazil!
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Gryf on August 4, 2015
Thanks for the great review! When I get home from work I'm going to make my wife watch it. (She didn't come to FF.)
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Tri blades on August 3, 2015
Man next year I will find out how to get there if my parent say no They say there is nothing to do in ohio I am determand to prove them wrong.
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jhitesma on August 4, 2015
I may have moved out of Ohio, but I'm the last to say there's nothing to do there :) Heck every time I visit I wind up with less than 1/3rd of the things we want to do getting done because there's so MUCH to do. Great world class museums, amusement parks, and nature parks are just the tip of the iceberg! I admit I don't know the Akron Canton area very well, but Cleveland is only an hour or so away and just dripping with stuff that fits just about any set of interests. With a bit of research I'm sure a bunch of neat stuff around A-C can be uncovered as well. Even in deep south Ohio where it gets into Appalachia there are tons of things to do if you make a little bit of effort to ask around and do some exploring. Find out what your parents are into and do a little research - I'm sure you can find things that appeal to them in Ohio. Unless they just plain don't like to travel :D
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Flite Fest 2015 Recap