Flite Test Rewind - Classic FT Challenges

by FliteTest | January 9, 2019 | (2) Posted in Challenges

We want to know which of our epic past projects you've enjoyed the most and what you want to see more of - so let us know!

Flite Test has always been about having fun and not being afraid to fail. Here are ten of our favorite fun challenges from the archives. This is an experimental type of article to find out which challenge sticks out as your personal favorite! What would you like to see more of? Let's get the conversation rolling!

Speed Challenge 

How fast can you make an R/C plane go with basic electronics? Here's Josh vs. David to find out. 


Airsoft Gunship - The Kraken 

The myth, the legend - it's the Kraken... armed with an airsoft gun.


RC Dogfighter Jousting Game 

I mean, sometimes we come up with a challenge that can only end with one thing: destruction.


Poppin' Balloons with 100mph RC Airplane

If you want to witness the most skilled flight of 2017, here's Alex flying a one-winged Rare Bear like a pro. 


R/C Airplane Vs. Drill 

Aerial Jenga time! When Peter Sripol is armed with a hole saw, no plane is safe. 


EDF Afterburner 

Disclaimer: locking David Windestål in a basement may result in fire. 


Motorized Gliders 

Adding RC systems to a chuck glider is a surprisingly easy way to create a great flying model. 


30-Day Build Challenge / 12ft German Bombers

Read all about how this build came together right here


Rocket Plane

All together now: "rocket plaaaaane!"  


Planes: Fire and Rescue Challenge

Can we build a working firefighting airplane? Check this one out. 


What is your personal favorite Flite Test challenge? Let us know in the comments! 

Check out this playlist for our all-time favorite FT videos

Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com

Contact: james@flitetest.com

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CrazyFastFlying on January 9, 2019
I like the A-10 and tank Airsoft battle. I have never seen a airsoft gun mounted on a plane before.
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Dante on January 9, 2019
I just thought of something else- when it's warm enough to go to a pond or lake you should do a challenge to make the best airboat using the electronics of choice (edf for speed, or a big prop low kv for scale tight turns). (it's not really flying but it uses the same electronics as planes and is a fast way to make something for fun with family ad friends in the summer).
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FliteTest on January 10, 2019
We have a small pond at the new location so we might be able to do something like that right at the new FT HQ. Awesome! :)
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Dante on January 9, 2019
I liked the speed challenge, and with new electronics at cheaper prices they could get going even faster. Also, just a suggestion in general, the newer videos are getting shorter and shorter, with too many cuts and not enough technical or behind the scenes stuff.
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FliteTest on January 10, 2019
Thanks for the feedback! We'd definitely love to do another speed challenge!
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DWBROWN on January 13, 2019
OK, I put this on facebook as well, but I'd like to see you pull this one out of mothballs.


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Pigfarm1403 on January 9, 2019
I would like to see some more reviews and challenges like the glider face-off and speed challenges
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FliteTest on January 10, 2019
That's good to know! Thanks for the suggestions.
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Raccoonworks on January 9, 2019
Nice! However for the end of this year, y'all should try a rewind of all the crazy projects and best moments from 2019.
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FliteTest on January 10, 2019
Awesome idea. We should do that!
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spdxdmn on January 10, 2019
I’m getting back into the hobby after about 20+ years. What really sparked my desire to get back into it was your approachable builds and guys next door presentation, especially the $10 glider build and speed challenge. While the more elaborate builds and the more edited videos are interesting, I feel like it looses some of what the initial appeal was, on top of the fact that it has extended the time it takes to put out your content. I understand your growth, development, but try not to lose your simplicity.
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Dante on January 10, 2019
100% how I feel about the videos recently, well said.
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Flite Test Rewind - Classic FT Challenges