3D Printed Mavic | FTP 142

by FliteTest | February 8, 2017 | (0) Posted in Podcasts

Florida Trip

Josh, Alex and Christian recently went down to Florida to film new Flite Test content that you may have already gotten to see over the past week. While there they went to Fantasy of Flight, the Sebring Aviation Expo and met the team at Aviator PPG.

Community Showcase

Every Man Remembered

We were given a beautiful gift from Stephen Channon for thanking WWI veterans for their service in our first video podcast. Learn more about how they honor WWI veterans and how they support men and women currently serving their country here.

Scratch Build 20CC Just Aircraft

Rafael R. came up with a scratch build 20CC Just Aircraft Highlander after seeing a YouTube video of one and finding a smaller scale by Scott Swanson. He upscaled the plans by 164.7 percent, which made the wingspan 7.4 feet. He created a Styrofoam wing with carbon fiber tube spars, covered with 1mm balsa. To finish off the creation, he put a black mono coat over the entire wings and fuselage.

3D Printed Mavic

Steve (cdrskull on forums) created a 3D printed Mavic that he expects to get flying soon! He has also printed an Inspire 1 before. Nice job, Steve!

Full Scale

Thank you to everyone who has been reaching out to us with some pretty stellar full scale content! If you have any you’d like to share with us, you can submit it on our general aviation page.

RC Current Events 

The GoPro Karma Returns

GoPro has recently fixed the battery disconnection issue on the Karma with an improved latch and re-released it onto the market! The Karma is portable, has a 3-axis camera stabilizer, a game-style controller with integrated touch technology and several flight patterns to choose from. It also has auto land/take-off functionality.

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3D Printed Mavic | FTP 142