Foamboard + Ultracote

by Eptic5 | July 6, 2016 | (0) Posted in How To

Ever have the Idea of wanting to design your DTFB plane so you can see it in the air, but you dont have spray paint you only have ultracote?  no?  well I'll just show you anyways! (P.S. ignore my messy workshop)


Step 1:

Take your iron and set it to the lowest possible setting so you dont melt the foam, avoid using a heat gun or a high temperature becuase it will melt the foam and ruin your plane and your day.

I'm using Hangar 9 Multi temp ultracote but you can use any type you want.


Step 2:

Determine the design you want to do, in this case I'm doing stripes and abit extra that you'll see at the end!

Step 3:

Cut out your design.

Step 4:

Place your design where you want it to be, you can use a small amount of tape to remove keep it in place and remember to remove the paper from the back.

Step 5: 

Use the iron and put heat on the ultracote while applying abit of pressure, make sure not to hold it in one position as that too will melt the foam.

Step 6: 

Repeat steps 2-5 untill you are happy with your design

In conclusion there is a few things that I would have changed for next time, one is to try have have less wrinkles near the leading edge where it wasnt that straight and two I should have used more colours but I couldn't this time becuase I only had yellow on hand.  There was a few steps I skipped where I cut out the letters but since not alot of people will be wanting letters I didn't feel it was necessary to include that but if you do want to know I will be more than willing to show you how I did the letters in another article.

Thank you for viewing my article I hope it helped you, if you have any questions comment below I'll try to answer asap or come see me at FliteFest 2016 I'll be walking around with the plane above!


bensgreentrain on July 13, 2016
thanks for the article. I've been thinking about trying the film covering but all I have is monokote, don't think it will work to well. I did try some adhesive backed vinyl and it worked quite well.
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jordy123 on July 20, 2016
I have done monocote, works just fine.
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johnbecker31 on August 7, 2016
I use ultracote on all of my FT planes, and always have good results! One thing that I have started doing, is putting on my designs right after cutting out the foam board, and before gluing everything together. One benefit is that you will never get wrinkles on your leading edge or corners, because they are pulled tight.

Something to keep in mind is that ultracote will shrink, so if you apply to single layer foam, such as horizontal stab, you will need to apply an equal amount of ultracote on both top and bottom to counter the warping.

Today I am heading to VA to spend time with my father, and re-introduce him to the hobby, after 25+ years. I hope to have lots of pictures and videos.
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Foamboard + Ultracote