Fokker DR1 Triplane

by FliteTest | February 20, 2012 | (31) Posted in Reviews

In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh review the Fokker DR1 Triplane Scratch Build! This planes is cheap to build, easy to fly and is also great for combat with friends. Watch this episode to see more! 

 Designed by "pmjass" from   



What we used: 

Built with either dollar store foam board

6mm depron, or foam trifold display board 

Motor: Hextronic dt-750 

Esc: Turnigy Plush 25 amp ESC 

Servos: HXT 9 gram servos (3) 

Prop: 11 X 4.7 SF 

Battery: Turnigy 1300 mAh 3s 

We simplified construction to make this build simple and with as few materials as possible. Intermediate skill level


WizzyWiggs on July 6, 2012
Looks awesome! Any idea of when you are going to post the video of the building steps?
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XFlyer on May 1, 2012
awesome looking plane but i think you guys should review the parkzone p-51d mustang
heres the link

Can you guys also keep on doing more scrathcuilds im loving them.

Where do you guys get your foam from?
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coffeebean56 on January 13, 2013
So where is the plans for the SE 5?
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wootler on May 4, 2012
Is that a car window shade being used as a "light-reflector-thingy" by the crew?? My DR-1 is ARF. Waiting on my HobbyKing order! Thanks for all of your videos and help guys!
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monoton on July 10, 2012
I love this little fokker! More scratchbuilds!
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Mirabile Visu on December 8, 2012
Superb video. Thank you.
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Hamdhan on July 10, 2012
You guys should review the Wilga-2000 Trainer. It looks awesome!
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Fokker DR1 Triplane