Foldable, Portable, Wearable, PVC FPV Station

by rcjoseb | June 12, 2013 | (9) Posted in Projects

Here is the second version of my FPV ground station and the improvements I made:

A. Smaller than the previous version.
B. Now foldable for really easy transportation.
C. The section that holds the LCD screen is adjustable so that it can can be positioned.
D. The section that holds the video TX is also adjustable for better performance.
E. Sun visor was cut down for ease of use.


There is a cup holder option but I have not figured out the best way to mount it :-)


apache64 on June 13, 2013
Great idea, and this second version is neater and more versatile than the previous one, well done!
I have a question though, as I am a pincher on the Tx and not a thumber will the weight of the screen not make the unit fall away from me? and how could you prevent this, as you seem to use weights to stop this, but then when flying hold the Tx to stop this, any ideas?
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rcjoseb on June 13, 2013
I used the 123 blocks in the video because without them, the weight of the LCD makes it tilt back. The threaded rod and nuts on the side of the hinge can be tightened to prevent the LCD from slipping back while in use.

I plan on placing the neck strap somewhere along the LCD and that will prevent the whole thing from tilting back while in use. The weight of the station will be carried by the pvc pipe and not the tx. Another option is to place some rubber along the front where the station will touch your body. This will provide some friction.

Thanks for the compliment and watching!

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Mudflap on June 20, 2013
Really cool idea. If you rotate the antennas so that they are in the middle of the ground station, there would be less chance of banging them against something.
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rcjoseb on June 24, 2013
Yup, that can be done easily with a T connector in the middle of one side of the LCD.
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Foldable, Portable, Wearable, PVC FPV Station