Building Surfing, Gauntlet Shooting & Night Flight

by StoneBlueAirlines | June 14, 2013 | (7) Posted in Challenges

Surfs up. Time to catch some building surfing.
We flew late in the day so less people and less traffic as we try to always be mindful of what we are doing.

We also had a spotter and also did range checks on all systems as we fly LOS & FPV to make sure all was working just right before we had our fun.

Its always good to do a flight check no matter where you fly.

iBcrazy & Bondjr back at it again so enjoy!

Enjoy this fun epic night of flying.

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Bond Jr. :StoneBlueAirlines
iBcrazy: cagreve1231
Vango: Jasonglaze

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Sony CMQ1993X

808 #16 Keychain Camera modded lens.
808 #16 V2 D Lens
GoPro3 Black Ragecam

iBcrazy Spector EPP
iBcrazy Raven EPP
iBcrazy Spartan 48 EPP Wing
Mini EPP Wing
Flight Test Nut Ball

DJI F450 KK2.0 V1.5
Scratch built T-Copter KK2.0

Radio: Futaba T7Cap 72mhz
Spectrum Dx6i 2.4ghz
Receiver: Coronal RP6D1 / RP8D1 72mhz

Ground Station:
Helical & Cross Hair Antenna
1.2 Ghz Tx & Rx
900Mhz Plug & Play
5.8Ghz Plug & Play
2.4 Plug & Play

FPV Viewing:
Vuzix Wrap 920 Goggles
Vuzix Wrap 1200

Hobby Wireless VR1500

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johanjonker on June 14, 2013
I can see people reporting ufo, siteings in the near future.. lol..

The night flights looks scary..
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StoneBlueAirlines on June 14, 2013
Night flights are scary when you don't have your night flight lens on :) It was a fun day of flying.
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Looked like a lot of fun iB Loving your videos!

What FPV system could I buy cheap for proximity flying that will work with Spektrum 2.4?
I would like to use my tri-copter and start FPV flying but I am on a real tight budget.

ATB Malc
Silly Fokker RC
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StoneBlueAirlines on June 17, 2013
Best option is 1.3 for video but get a notch filter or you won't fly far on 2.4. If you can afford it get a 72mhz system or the new 9xr and move to open lrs if you can. The cost is all relative to how many times you have to upgrade. 72mhz is great and gives you over a mile of range.
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Hi iB

Thank you for the reply sorry for newb questions but what is a notch filter?
What is open IRS? Is that the cheap one you mentioned on Flite Test?
If I understand this correctly that will fit in to the 9xr and convert it to UHF?

Can you recommend a good solid but affordable 1.3mhz system to go with 2.4?
We really hungry for it on such a small budget =( thank you in advance.

ATB Malc
Silly Fokker RC
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StoneBlueAirlines on June 17, 2013
Yes it is a UHF system. Just depends if you have the money to move that way. Look on security camera 2000 as well as look at my system reviews from hobbywirelss they have some great plug and play systems. Watch the getting started in FPVs on my page to learn the full set up. Notch filters are sold as an add on to the FPV kit. My Buddy made me a custom one but you can just buy one its so you don't have issues with 2.4. You will have more limited range on 2.4 just know that.

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Building Surfing, Gauntlet Shooting & Night Flight