FPV of RC Website Released!!

by michaelchernoff123 | January 6, 2014 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

We would like to share with you the release of our website! We are a small business right now but are trying to grow with our viewers great support and we decided to give back to them with a website to browse around on and  to share our passion for the Hobby.

Please take the time if possible to look at our newly released website with a forum.


If you have any issues with our site please contact us on our contact-us page on our website and dont forget to chat it up on the forums!

Thanks So much FliteTest for being our Inspiration!

Thanks, The team of FPV of RC


EZ Air on January 7, 2014
looks like a pretty good website can't wait until there is more stuff on there :P

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wyllsurf on January 12, 2014
I just need to say something, first off you slogan "keep calm with goggles on" was not created by you, it was created by ChickenSusheme on FPVlab and he sells a shirt on his website that says the exact thing (here is a link to it http://chickensashimifpv.spreadshirt.com/keep-calm-with-goggles-on-A13651908) also you show is called FPV of RC yet you have not done a single episode with anything relating to FPV and it appears that you don't even fly FPV. Also what does FPV of RC even mean? Pleas don't steel others ideas and maybe Change the name or at least explain what it means. Just my 2 cents
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michaelchernoff123 on January 17, 2014
FPV of RC means the first person view into rc. Which is supposed to symbol that we are giving our viewers the first person view into rc. We are doing fpv videos and we just haven't gotten into that yet
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Trauma50 on April 14, 2014
To be fair, 'Keep calm and carry on." Was first used in England during the German blitz during WW2. And has been used in very imaginative ways since. No one stole anything. I just been recycled by all. Just type the phase in to any search engine. My 2 cents.
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FPV of RC Website Released!!