FT 270 Quad BUILD

by FliteTest | October 15, 2017 | (3) Posted in How To


TJ takes you through the build process of the very impressive FT 270 Quad! Read on for a more in-depth look at the build of this new multirotor from Flite Test. 

Video Build index:

00:40 Frame Assembly

09:09 Motors & ESCs

25:43 Flight Controller Prep

33:50 Electronics Setup

1:24:00 Betaflight & BL Heli Setup

1:35:42 Transmitter Setup

1:42:19 OSD & Props

1:47:45 Maiden

By the way, did you know that we now also can build your quad for you? If you can't wait to just get out of the door and fly, we can help! Our bespoke building service takes care of that. You can check it here out on the store.

But if the building is a big part of the hobby for you, read on.


  • Lay out the components of frame
  • Attach arms to bottom plate with 12mm bolts (keep arms slightly loose at this stage)
  • attach 15mm standoffs to the bottom plate
  • attach smaller standoffs for control board later
  • Snug up standoffs with screwdriver and bolts so everything is tight (we use these tools - Kylin Screwdriver Set 4pcs)


  • bolt motors to ends of arms (we use four T-Motor F80/1900kv)
  • Stick four landing pads on bottom of frame


  • Open ESC bags. We used four Bullet Series Emax 30 Amp ESC. (which include free stickers!)
  • Set aside frame and organize components
  • Flux each ESC's pads to ensure solder will stick
  • Tin ESC pads
  • Line up ESC on frame and cut wires (ensuring not to make them too short!)
  • Slide heat shrink over ESC
  • Tape in place


  • Start by removing pins
  • Flux and then tin pads
  • Use tape to attach antenna to bottom plate of frame
  • Lock board to frame with nuts
  • Tin pads for camera and smart audio (follow video for more detail)
  • Solder battery leads to board
  • Follow process of soldering each ESC lead and signal cable to board
  • Next, attach buzzer and receiver by soldering to correct pads of control board. Stick receiver to bottom plate of frame with double-sided tape


  • Solder your VTX wires to the video pads of the board
  • Prepare your Runcam
  • Plug three wire cable into camera
  • Plug your OSD cable in for later
  • Use pan-head screws for attaching the camera to the camera plate of the frame
  • Determine your camera angle by adjusting the screws
  • Slide camera into slots
  • Trim ends of cable and tin
  • Solder wires to VTX
  • Slide antenna under middle plate and zip-tie together
  • Screw middle plate to bottom plate standoffs
  • Use 20mm screws to attach top plate to bottom plate standoffs and middle plate standoffs


  • Trim pad to fit on top of middle plate
  • Use zip-ties to guide receiver antennas close to frame
  • Use heat-shrink to support receiver antennas on zip-ties
  • Use battery velcro under middle plate and you are done!

Further Tips and Advice for Building Quads

Why not check out some of our other videos on this subject to ensure you have all the best practices nailed before you jump into your 270 Quad build?


Buy your frame here - https://store.flitetest.com/ft270-chase-quad-frame/

Get us to custom build your quad here - https://store.flitetest.com/ft270-chase-quad-complete-kit/

Motors - https://store.flitetest.com/tiger-motor-f80-1900kv-fpv-series-motor/

ESC's - https://store.flitetest.com/emax-bullet-series-30a-esc/

Buzzer - https://store.flitetest.com/micro-buzzer/

DYS f4 Flight Controller -

Runcam Owl Plus - https://store.flitetest.com/runcam-owl-plus/


awsomeness62 on January 6, 2018
thanks for the quad building tips. very helpful.
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menachg on April 3, 2018
hey just out of curiosity
why dont you guys release the plans for quadcopters too?
is there a difference between foamies and quads?
im sure there are some guys who would a use for and would love the plans :)
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Robbutler1977 on August 12, 2018
This is my first FPV quad. So as you would think, this thing has taken a beating really, really bad. So I have broken a few screws and threaded peaces. I was wondering if there was a screw kit to buy or what sizes to get?
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ericemn on September 29, 2018

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Pavandasaveg on June 20, 2019
Can I use a 4s 2650 maH lipo battery on the FT270?
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FT 270 Quad BUILD