Ft Bloody Wonder Maiden/ First Flitetest plane

by Driveandairsmash | October 7, 2013 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

So I made me my first FT swapables series plan and I wanted a combat plane jus tto have fun with. I chose the FT Bloody Wonder and the thing is really fun! It can take at least 10 mph wind easily! I wanted it to go straight verticle and I wanted it cheap. So the motor and esc was going to be kind of a problem becuase thye can be a little pricey sometimes. So I was ordering a setup for a different parkjet and saw that the highest kv setup I should go with on this was a 1450kv motor with a 20 or 18 amp esc. So I got the Disposable Foamie Sport combo from Graysonhobby.com and now I realized the motor setup was done and all I need to do is build the plane. I built it in about a hour. I go tmy electronics and flew it! Sorry but no video for the maiden but it just took off out of my hands no problem!! I only needed to put aileron trim and that was it everything else was fine! It tracks as straight as an aarow! For those who want to know what my cheap setup is here it is! I have been flying for 3 years now and I am "ok" at flying I prefer heli's to start out with but heli's are complicated but the controls on a heli are alot harder too! But the heli can teach you on how to use the rudder more! anyways It is a great flying plane. On the maiden I crashed it because the receiver (after 3 years) finaly went bad! No problem chopped the nose made a new powerpod and bam all good!


Remote: http://www.hobbypartz.com/79p-ct6b-r6b-radiosystem.html

Servo's x2: http://www.hobbypartz.com/60p-dy-1007.html The servo's may be plastic gear but they last! they are strong and will last for a very long time! I have currently had mine for a year now! They ahve been through over 15 crashes! 

Battery: http://www.hobbypartz.com/98p-25c-1300-3s1p.html Because I like the more finer batteries and dont worry about the weight of the battery it is fine and the motor will have more than enough power! A 4s lipo is just unreasonable to use on this plane!

Motor: http://www.graysonhobby.com/catalog/disposablefoamiecombosport18aescthreadshaft-p-624.html?osCsid=fmsp82oghv3ll98os0rs8t7e92 I know it may be a threaded shaft but it will hold your prop on better than the prop saver one but I like the threaded better. (Just me)

Prop: A 9x6APC I get at my hobby shop. Dont worry about over heating this motor I ran the motor at least 25% because it still fly's and it was not even warm! Full throttle will not even get this thing that warm!

Even though I did not ge tthe video of the maiden I still have some before and after picture of the crash. :) enjoy







So yea not a beginners plane.. But I am not a beginner the receiver wnet bad and smashed it straight into the ground. This would probably be a good 3rd or 4th plane for a beginner it kind of leans more into the indermediate's. Great Plane. Great Durability. Loads of FUN!


Hope You enjoy this,



Jaxx on October 11, 2013
I learned to fly with the Bloody Wonder. It worked great as a beginner plane for me. When paired with the Blue Wonder 24g 1300Kv motor it's a very docile plane.
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Driveandairsmash on October 12, 2013
Cool! I think that the durability of it "could" serve as a beginner plane but I was thinking that this would not be the plane for someone with no simulator time or flying time. with the 1300kv could it still do vertical?
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Ft Bloody Wonder Maiden/ First Flitetest plane