FT Delta and FT Flyer Comparison by a Newbie

by DrBones | October 5, 2013 | (0) Posted in Reviews

Today, I went out for my second attempt at keeping the FT Delta in the air!  Quite a challenge to get used to elevon controls after the FT Flyer - which I've become quite proficient at now.  Here an in-flight video from my FT Flyer with a cheap key chain cam:

Here the video of my flying the FT Flyer.  To prove a point - there's a good reason why flitetest has such great videos...professionals!  So, forgive the somewhat awkward angle of the video..but here it is:

So, today I went out, taking advantage of a beautiful Florida morning and to attempt to keep my FT Delta somewhat longer in the air than yesterday, That day had ended with a harmonica'd powerpod and a broken firewall.  I made some survivability 'enhancements' to the powerpod, which you can view in the photos at the end.

So, here's a very non professional key chain cam view taped to the antenna on my transmitter, or my FT Delta flight.  This was like my third or fourth of the day..and it ended in a crash 'landing'.  I think I only managed to relatively safely land it twice - 50% of the time - So, not that bad!

One thing I learned was that the FT Delta likes to have constant power.  Otherwise, it will simply stall.  So, my previously learned strategy on the FT Flyer to just cut throttle when in panic - as this one simply glides to the ground - didn't work with the FT Delta.  Cut the throttle on the FT Delta and you will invariably nose dive into the ground - in my case it appears the right wing stalls first and down it goes in a spiral!  So - I still have to get used to that!  Great little plane, but requires a bit more attention than the FT Flyer.  No panic mode on this one..it requires constant control.  Flying slow is also tricky..fine if you are going straight..but you petter powre up if you decide on making a turn, if not..it simply stalls..and downward spiral & nose dive 'landing'.

So, that said - the day ended with my now third powerpod somewhat damaged.  This time though it didn't harmonica due to me strengthening it.  The firewall though broke, along with the BBQ skewers in the FT Delta fuselage.  Happened last time also, and they are simple to replace: Just some foamboard surgery!  Here the pics, as promised:

The next onea are photographs of the powerpod - as you can see, I re-inforced the powerpod on its inner walls with popcicle sticks.  I also did this with the outer bottom, as the landing gear wire would press into the foam and create a failure point, where the powerpod would invariably start bending due to the rubber bands holding the wire.


At the end of a few hours of fun in the sun..here are my champions:

Again - thanks to you guys at flitetest.com I was inspired.  It is a truly wonderful experience to fly something youv've built, and I've actually had quite a few people come up to me and get a big grin on their faces when I told them that I built these from dollar tree foam board.  Also had a few pro rc flyers watch me and oogle over the planes!  All in all - real good fun and a creative thing to do!  Keep flying!

Here is some updated footage of me flying the FT Delta.  I am getting better at it but continue to have problems in screw driving into the ground in turns.  I think it is my lack of throttle control.  I've noticed that upon turns, I need to lower the throttle and then increase when coming out of the turn.  Any suggestions here are welcome!  Thought I'd finally killed my Blue Wonder - but after a bit of tapping and coaxing the shaft, I got it to run again!

I'll keep at it!  Keep on flying!


eagle4 on October 11, 2013
That's great to hear you're loving these planes mate. May I suggest, try bevelling the top of the leading edge of the delta's wings. This rounding of the front will help it be a better airfoil. I think this could help your gliding without power. (I haven't build a delta myself thou)
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checker on October 12, 2013
NICE JOB your flyer turned out a lot better looking than mine but if you want a smooth elevon plane I recommend the versa wing, mine glides like a bird and is fast as a rocket. I like to fly it on gusty days , it really surprised me when the wind kicked up to about 15 mph and it just hung in the air with no power. I made the pusher style and even though I did toast a battery from a light pole hit (DINNNGGG) its hard to damage.
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DrBones on October 13, 2013
Thanks for the comments! I plan on building the Versa next as a pusher. I just figured learning on the Delta would be good. Thing on the Delta really is that it wingstalls if you don't controll the throttle, i.e. rev it up in turns. It's no glider by any means! By now I've broken three firewalls and the BBQ skewer holes...well, I'm going to bave to dremel space now for the next set! I'm amazed how that Blue Wonder motor has been able to take the abuse of my nose dives!
My powerpod modifications are a success - I'm on a second firewall on that one without any damage to the pod.
I'm open to any suggestions on bow to make the skewers easier to replace though
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FT Delta and FT Flyer Comparison by a Newbie