FT FLYER model to FMS

by p3pillo | July 19, 2013 | (0) Posted in Projects


Hello everyone!!

In this ocasion, I made a model to FMS simulator of FT FLYER plane.

You can download the model here!!


markdhoover on November 26, 2013
Hey that's cool! We use FMS and we loaded the FT Flyer. My son immediately exclaimed that your model flies just like his FT Flyer! Thanks for sharing.
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p3pillo on November 27, 2013
:D you're welcome!
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p3pillo on December 11, 2013
Sure!! why not! I will work about it, regards
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applekeith on December 11, 2013
Any plans to do the nutball and delta? Please?
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FT FLYER model to FMS