FT Mighty Mini Vector Build

by FliteTest | March 23, 2016 | (18) Posted in Projects


In our step by step build video Peter is working with standard foam board but the FT Mighty Mini Vertor Kit is laser crafted into our new Water-Resistant Foam Board

Learn more about the Water-Resistant foam kit HERE!

The Vector includes an optional rudder tab to help with stabilization. If you want to add the rudder tab, construct the piece and attach underneath the center of the wing.

The FT Mighty Mini Vector is an agile, speedy plane that has 3D capabilities and provides a great flying experience.

The FT Mighty Mini Vector is powered by a 2300 kv 2204 size motor and features a removable nose.

Start by assembling the nose and fuselage.

Cut the wings out along the reference lines, and join the wings together with tape and glue.

Install your power pod, and attach the servos to your control surfaces. Center your servos and secure your electronics inside the fuselage.

You'll need Servo Extensions for this build.

Test your CG and controls, make the necessary adjustments, and you’re ready to fly!



  • Weight without battery: 7.5 oz (211 g)
  • Center of Gravity: 14 inches (355 mm) from the nose
  • Control Surface Throws: 20 ̊ deflection (elevons) Expo 30%
  • Wingspan: 25 inches (635 mm)
  • Recommended Motor: 2300 kv 2204 size motor
  • Recommended Prop: 800 mAH 3s minimum 
  • Recommended ESC: 12 amp minimum (20 amp for aggressive flying)
  • Recommended battery: 800 mAH 2s or 3s 
  • Recommended Servos: (2 – 3) 5 gram servos



New to the R/C hobby?
Here's some resources to help get you up to speed!

Beginner Series: WATCH HERE!
Electronics Setup: WATCH HERE!
First Flight Quick Tips: WATCH HERE!

Got glue?? Get Some Here! 




timbacct on March 26, 2016
Hi Peter,

Yet another great design and build video. You guys always do such a good job that it is easy to forget to say thank you. Thank you! I watch every single video and listen to every single podcast. I have nobody nearby to fly with and your videos and podcasts make me feel part of a gang.

A trivial question - where did you get that dual scotch tape dispenser from? I have been trying to find one for Ages!

Tim (from the UK)
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ifrit on September 22, 2016
Have a question. Build it couple days ago, but on my setup: 2204 2300kv Tarot motor, 3s 800mah battery i've got 463g of full waight. Build it from Foam-X foamboard. Fly "good" but lack of power? Any idea?
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Preemo on March 24, 2016
Hi Peter,

as always another amazing design from you. Do you think if you made the canard active and slave it to the elevator. would it work? looking forward to building the model.
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Battershell on March 23, 2016
I will have to get one of each built and set aside for Flitefest 2016!
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danield on March 24, 2016
Hi Peter
Good build video. Will new build videos include "Water-Resistant Foam Board"?
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westbows on April 1, 2016
Great idea with the replaceable nose. Great work as always on the build. Thank you all at FT !!
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jackweed on April 1, 2016
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vinit agrawal on June 23, 2016
I mean to replay how I can print plan on A4 size paper

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Rocket on August 8, 2016
Hi Peter, I'm from New Brunswick Canada and been a Flite Test Fan for about three years now and have purchase most off all your Speed Kits and have build most of them. I recently build your Vector kit but have yet try to fly it. I have build it with 9 g servo and a BL-2208/17 motor with a 6 x 5.5 prop, came in at about 225 g without battery. Not sure if it going to fly, don't seem to have pushing power. Would off like to see you build a bigger Vector Kit that could handle a 8 to 9 inch prop. Anything in the work for a bigger Kit ??? I could down load the plan and blow it up, but it would not give me the re-enforcements points I would have to do. Any suggestions?
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letsgofast11 on June 8, 2016
is this plane or the FT mighty mini F22 small enough to fly in a medium sized gym?
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johnnyjiujitsu on August 30, 2016
I glued my scratch build together last night. Time to gut the mini corsair and transplant electronics tonight. Can't wait to fly. I am surprised to hear the rudder is not of use to you "ramairwing.". I always wished the F22 had rudder. I wonder if you max out the deflection can you still not feel the rudder?
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pintokitkat on March 23, 2016
The plans links aren't active.
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FliteTest on March 23, 2016
Links with the build plans are available now!
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tsmelser on April 28, 2016
All links to the plans lead to the full sized plans. Need the tiled plans please. Nice Plane guys.
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grifflyer on July 29, 2016
you could select all in one and do pages 5-20

hope this helps
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JDill on August 31, 2016
Great design Peter! And well done on the build video. My build went well and I'm looking forward to the maiden as it looks like a good, fun flyer. Really gonna miss you on the Flite Test crew...
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RCMasterx on May 29, 2016
Hi everyone. I have watched both the FT 22 Raptor and the FT Mini F22 Raptor build videos and can't find the free plans for the FT Mini 22. I've found the speed build kit but prefer to scratch build like my previous FT planes. If y'all have a link to the FT Mini F 22 Raptor, please post it. Thank you!
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grifflyer on July 28, 2016
that might work......................I think :)
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vinit agrawal on June 23, 2016
What is the paper size to print the plan please replay ......

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ramairwing on August 30, 2016
I built the Mini Vector as my first foam board scratch build and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. It was not difficult; it just took some patience and my work area was a mess with foam and paper scraps afterword. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! This is my favorite airplane to fly now. It is very maneuverable, is terrific at high-alpha and near-stall maneuvers (all of this without a proper airfoil). I've even crashed it into the tree and ran it into the ground and all I had to do was glue some popsicle sticks where the nose attaches to reinforce that area. Still looks and flies great. It is so controllable at low speeds I could go through mini-quad air gates in high-alpha. The only thing is that I build it with the rudder control and can't really even feel it. Might as well have built it without, but still tons of fun nonetheless.

I started out with bigger batteries in it (up to 2200 mAh) but that was too much weight and settled down at a 850mAh 3S. still get about 7 minutes of flight with it and the low weight makes the Mini Vector even more maneuverable and forgiving. I'm using a Multistar Elite 2204 2300kv motor and a 6040 propeller.

Great job Peter and thank you Flite Test for being so awesome!
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MadMax1234 on May 11, 2017
How can i found the Free Plans from youre Planes??
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danieljorden on April 18, 2017
The FT powerful small vector!! This aircraft has it all! 3D competence, quickness, video scribing service velocity and most of all a great soaring knowledge.
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alaarouda on May 20, 2017
هل يمكنكم في القناة تنزيل حلقة لمخطط يبين فيه ابعاد الاضلاع لان المخطط ليس متاجد في بلدي
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larrychambless12 on July 17, 2017
could you make the plans bolder on the cut off places bolder black for us older builders. Theses are usually
on the out side lines
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Sunil on April 20, 2019
Its being 3 years now and no one notices that the Recommended Prop is incorrectly mentioned as 800 mAH 3s minimum.

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FT Mighty Mini Vector Build