FT Mini Cruiser Build

by FliteTest | December 3, 2014 | (24) Posted in How To


Here's the step by step instructions to build your own FT Mini Cruiser. More details for this build are listed below in this article and additional links are available for setting up your electronics and components.

The FT Mini Cruiser is the 'twin' additional to the FT Might Minis Series

The speed build kit shown above features a custom sticker kit available in our store!

The speed build kit (along with many other great products) is available in our online store
And as always, free build plans are available as a PDF downloads located in the links at the bottom of this article. 

These mini twin kits come with foam board wheels, but the cool wheels featured in this build are available in our store as well! CLICK HERE

Before you build this you will need to assemble your Mini Power Pod

We start with the wing! 

Dont forget to bevel the wing, careful not to slice through your paper!

Friends are nice, evenly put pressure on the entire wing.

Bevel the Stabilizer.

Remember, the table is your friend, right Josh?

Josh and Peter showing the wings weight in grams.

Be patient with the posterboard, give it a few minutes to dry.

Creating the rest of the nose.

Joining the wing and fuselage! Be gentle, dont force them together.

Power pods, check!

Servos fit in the wings like a glove on a foot.

Peter checking the length of his ESC's wires.

Gluing the power pods in place.

Putting the wire through the linkage stoppers.

Dont forget to tighten your stoppers!

Getting the board connected to the servos and power pods. 

To learn more about setting up your twin motors as well as details for thrust vectoring, but sure to check out the build article for the full size FT Cruiser!

Last but not least, put on your landing gear and props.

Thank you everyone for watching and supporting us here at Flite Test. This has been possible because you and we appreciate growing with you guys. See you guys next time!



FT Mini Cruiser [Tiled Plans]

FT Mini Cruiser [Full Plans]



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FT Cruiser - Build and Supplimental electronics tutorials


uberjay on December 4, 2014
Hey Josh / others... I wonder if this could be made even lighter by removing as much of the paper from the foam as possible. Weight tests I've done have shown that readiboard / elmers / etc. is 50% paper and 50% foam in terms of weight. Maybe leave the foam on the power pods, but eliminate on sheeted / larger parts of the wing, etc.?

I know, it might be a bit of a pain, but for anyone wanting to fly this in a small venue indoors it might be worth it. Also, using micro / brushed components like on the Horizon micro series would reduce the weight too.... though it would depend on whether one could do that and still get enough nose weight to balance out the CG.

Anyway.... just a thought. (Yeah, I know.... "why don't YOU try it Jason?" ... will do someday, but other things in line on the bench first right now)

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jerimiah85 on December 4, 2014
i peel the paper and line with colored tape.
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uberjay on December 4, 2014
Yeah... packing tape could be lighter than the paper on both sides. I think one could even do this with an undercambered wing (ie. leave off the flat parts) and shave even more off the wing for a real indoor floater. Thoughts?
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jerimiah85 on December 4, 2014
Need the Cargo!!! i need to drop stuff from the air :)
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PropSpinner on December 4, 2014
I like the annotations idea. Good job Brian.
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Del-Dredd on December 4, 2014
Needs to be mentioned, ensure supplemental electronics video is watched as not removing the positive from one of the ESC Rx connectors can have serious issues.
It is common practice on Multirotors as well.
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Nathan_116 on December 4, 2014
what's the wing span length, I am planning on flying them in a medium size backyard, so wingspan is important.
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RCairforce on December 4, 2014
I believe the wingspan is about 32 inches (813 mm)
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FliteGreg on December 4, 2014
I have nothing against the Cruiser name, but why not call this the "Mini DH88"?
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LetsFlyRC on December 4, 2014
Awesome plane. I got it built, and ready for maiden tomorrow. I wanted to share my DX-9 Files for this plane to make it easy. I am using a 6 channel Lemon Rx (the same one in this video) and I have dual ailerons and differential thrust programmed without any splitters. The long switch on the right controls (Circle Mode - Crazy Mode - Differential Thrust) (Off, Medium, High) and the switch on the left controls the flaps (off, Landing Mode, Take Off Mode) It is also programmed with voice commands. The Flaps are tied in with the Ailerons.

I don't know if the DX-9 Files are transferrable to DX-8. Please let me know, if you know that answer.

Here are ALL of my DX-9 Files (incase you want a different model) - Number 50 is the Mini Cruiser.
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Grearson on December 5, 2014
Hi Folks, i made a quick and cheap shopping list for the Powerplant for international Fans (works in US as well of corse):

Motor: https://www.banggood.com/DYS-BE1806-2300KV-Brushless-Motor-Black-Edition-for-Multicopters-p-946416.html
ESCs: https://www.banggood.com/Emax-Simonk-Series-12A-20A-25A-30A-40A-ESC-For-Quadcopter-QAV-250-p-918126.html (the 12A of corse)
Servos: http://www.banggood.com/Towerpro-SG50-Micro-Servo-For-RC-Models-p-911717.html
Props: https://www.banggood.com/Gemfan-6045-Propellers-CWCCW-For-QAV-250-240-Mini-Quadcopter-p-945555.html or https://www.banggood.com/Gemfan-6x3-6030-propellers-CWCCW-For-QAV-250-240-Mini-Quadcopter-p-939131.html
Hope it helps a few Pepz to save some Money and have fun.
Best regards from Germany
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TimJC on December 5, 2014
How useful is the rudder on the Mini Cruiser, or big one for that matter? Considering the mini nature (low weight), and differential thrust, I was surprised to see this as a design decision.
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JDill on December 5, 2014
The links to download the plans are not working. Need to remove the www. and then they work.
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cbarnes0061 on December 5, 2014
Deff want one of these. You think this motor would work? I really have been happy with emax motors and like ordering from valuehobbies.
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Nozwald on December 7, 2014
What Spektrum compatible receiver would anyone recommend in this build. Josh looks to be using a Spektrum transmitter in the build video but here in the UK I am struggling to find a good value Spektrum compatible micro receiver other than the always-out-of-stock Orangerx.

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Del-Dredd on December 8, 2014
HobbyKing UK warehouse has them all in stock currently so not sure where you checked.
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Nozwald on December 9, 2014
Hobbyking UK warehouse is still out of stock of the OrangeRX R615x, R615, & the R415 micro receiver.

But I'm pretty sure Josh didn't use and OrangeRX in this build. I was hoping for an insight as to what might've been used and whether I can get one in the UK. None of the Mighty Mini's list a suggested receiver.
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Ye Kyaw on December 14, 2014
hi! I'm new to this stuffs :P
I can't wait to fly these amazing twins! & also wanna know how to make setting for Flat Spin.
I have Radio Link AT9 Transmitter. This Transmitter can do it or not?
Is there any one who know about this! please!

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damien ( french ) on December 23, 2014
hi ! i have build the plane but for the fly i don't find information concerning the CG ?

(sorry for the mistakes but I'm french )
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dana8192 on January 2, 2015
The CG marks are on the sides of the fuselage. This is shown and discussed in the build video at 1:15:00
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bird2jump on June 7, 2017
There is a information problem concerning the CG. The video by Joshua Bixler shows correctly the CG marks on the sides if the fuselage. This is 47 mm from the leading edge of the wing root. The Flitetest store for this model incorrectly states in the specs that the mIni Cruiser CG is 32 mm from the leading edge of the wing root. This will make the plane too noise heavy. Also it will be difficult to locate the battery to provide this CG. 47 mm is the correct CG.
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jordy123 on December 13, 2015
I love 2 things: elliptical wings, and twins. (: YYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!:)

Oh, and minis.
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Sandwedge on April 16, 2016
This build is phenomenal! At my local club even with all the RTF bling flying about, when the Mini-Cruiser gets in the air, people come over and comment on how nice it looks and flies. Do yourself a favor and build this. Seriously. Go to the build video and start. Now. Go.
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bhmachine8164 on November 19, 2016
Can anyone help on differential thrust on Spektrum DX7?
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FT Mini Cruiser Build