FT VersaCopter V.2 - DIY Quadcopter -BUILD

by FliteTest | February 1, 2016 | (10) Posted in How To

For the full catalogue of the components and accessories for the FT VersaCopter Version 2.0

The FT Versacopter V2.0 is a direct result of the great feedback and critiques of our great community.

The new version has been simplified to have almost 50% less pieces along with using high strength/low weight CNC aluminum mounts.  These mounts can withstand the toughest crashes and not lose their grip.

The standard kit comes with black hardware, but you can also chose to upgrade and select your own custom color combination.

The available colors can stand alone, or be interchanged to increase looks, or even help with orientation.

Learn more about Pololu Voltage Regulator at www.GetFPV.com

The motor mounts are cleaner, stronger, and easier to install than ever.

Check the manual on your specific control board. This diagram shows the Graupner GR-18 control board.
Graupner GR-18 User Manual

We use a grommet to allow the power lead to bend, but not fatigue.

The optional AP Camera Plate is a great addition for those who would like to carry a gopro and maintain a low profile.

The open face in both the front and rear of the frame are great to allow ventilation and future optional accessories.

The new location of the power lead and the antenna where also a result of the feedback we received.

Adding the props should always be the last step in the build process.

A voltage alarm is a great insurance policy to make sure your batteries and your machine stay pristine.

Learn more about the FT VersaCopter Version 2.0 CLICK HERE!


The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on February 1, 2016
Yay! I've been hoping for something like this. Thanks!
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JohnathanTibbetts on February 2, 2016
Great build video, would love to get one of these. The only question I have is if anybody has a suggestion on a receiver setup for a Spektrum transmitter. I don't want to buy one of these until I'm 100% sure of the setup I would need. Any help would be appreciated.
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biggs on February 2, 2016
When I built my v1 I used a naze32 board and a spektrum 6 channel receiver. It's crowded in there with it but it works. I like with the v2 that you can mount the escs against the top vs. the sides. That will give a little more room around the flight board.
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pity_the_fool on February 2, 2016
As usual Josh forgets to use Loctite on his screws in to metal. I would definitely add a little dab of blue on those motor mount to motor screws LOL. Awesome video. It is hard to believe this is the same group that was reviewing planes in their back yard only a couple years back!
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on February 3, 2016
Yes, Flite Test has grown a lot over the years. :)
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Vensel on February 2, 2016
I just got a question... In others DIY quad videos I watched, they use a fligt control board, like Naze32 or similars, but here Josh did not. Does the receiver got it pre installed or is not needed?
I'm new to this and wanted to know better before start building my own.
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pity_the_fool on February 2, 2016
Yes in Josh's build he is using the graupner gr-18 which is a combination flight controller and receiver. The gr-18 is $99 on its own and only works with graupner radios. If you already have a decent radio I would go the naze32 separate receiver route. Re-flash the naze with betaflight and you will love it! If you don't already have a radio the graupner mz-12 gr-18 combo flite test sells is a good value and a easy place to start for beginners.
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Neskair on February 2, 2016
Cool! Nice to see some articles again form FT.
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mvx800 on February 4, 2016
Love this v2... I've got a v1 but just got the conversion kit so I can't wait to install it. Is there any chance you guys might do a video on how to install LED's no the Versa? Soldering small wires with jst connectors to the board or hub of some sort. I'm a little confused with the different voltages the LED's come in and how to provide power to them. http://www.helipal.com/storm-mini-led-light-strip-multi-color-16v.html
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anon on February 4, 2016
This is an awesome article/video. For us beginners (never liked noobs or newbies) a supplementary video showing a Spektrum radio and receiver setup would be fantastic.
There are videos on youtube with some information on that, but a lot of them leave a person still unsure. These flitetest videos give a person confidence and piece of mind and let you feel like "heck yeah, i can do this"
Thank you FT, keep up the great work!
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crazyhorse21 on February 5, 2016
awesome build .. any plans for this copter ?
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horacio monterroso on February 5, 2016
What is the recommend size and type of the motors?
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Multirotorich on February 6, 2016
Hey flitetest guys! Nice meeting you all in Ontario California last month. Great blokes! All of ya.

I have a question. If I may... please could you tell me which one of those pololu circuits I need to get, that will fit the versacopter solder pad spacing? Never used one before.
Thanks for the help chaps! Keep up the good work! :)
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iScissors@outlook.co on February 8, 2016
what battery do they recomed to use with the recomended powerpack?
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jahnkeanater on February 12, 2016
I would reaconend a 2200mah 4s if you want power. If your learning I would get a 3s. Hobby king has new graphene batteries that look really interesting.
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yeojalviz1981 on February 14, 2016
excuse my english (i am from Dubai UAE)
I know this is a comment box but i want to take this opportunity to thank FLITETEST for an awesome RC and general content.
I wish to purchase this quad as an RTF or ready to fly or ready to receive radio system
not as a kit as shown in the store.
can you ship a fully build quad using as it is in the video?
whats left for me to do is connect my receiver and battery and i am ready to go
is it possible?
please kindly let me know.
thank you for a great awesome informative educational and friendly show you have
keep it coming brothers
i apologize if i use this comment box for these inquiries.
many thanks
i like watching josh S d'comedian one specially when he slips on the floor....
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ThaSHIRA on February 25, 2016
I've never custom built a multi-rotor before can anyone recommend a receiver/flight controller setup that will work with a Spektrum DX6i?? I just bought my Spektrum just the other day and it's my understanding that the Graupner will not work with the DX6i. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Turp on March 2, 2016
I'm using an orange r620x with my dx6. Works great and the versa is rock solid. This was also my first quad built went together great. I used the E pack and the Naze32 rev6 all bought here. I like it so much I just ordered another! Gonna try the Spektrum satellite connection when it gets here! Less wires and weight.

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ringerbc on August 22, 2016
How did the satellite receiver work out for you? I'm about to do my first build and bought the Naze32 board and the little Spektrum DSMX Quad Race Receiver with Diversity (SPM4648).

This is all very new to me but I think I have to clip the little connector on the receiver and solder the wires directly to the board.
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Turp on March 2, 2016
The versacopter is great! Went together just as the video instructs! Running it with a Spektrum dx6 an orange R620X rx with the naze32 rev6. Fly's great! This was my first quad build and I'm just getting into quad racing. (as in learning to fly a racing quad) Went together without a hitch thanks to the instruction video! I'm gonna be trying the Spektrum satellite connection on the board as soon as I get my just ordered 2nd versa in! Along with some led's!
Another great product from Flite Test! Great job guys!
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Havoc77 on March 27, 2016
Hi. Looking to buy some of these motor mounts to fix a cheap HobbyKing quad. Can someone please tell me what the outer diameter measurement is on the VersaCopter V.2 quad? It looks like my quad has carbon tubes with a 14mm internal Diameter and a 16mm outer diameter.
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fryanryan9 on June 5, 2016
the boom is .56 inch diameter if that helps
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Poundsthepink on April 4, 2016
What size propellers are recommended for a 4s lipo setup?

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gsgraber92 on April 23, 2016
I bought the v1 Versa and the power pack. I already had a CC3D FC. I assembled it up and did my best to get it all setup. I had problems with configuring the CC3D. In horz mode it still wasn't real stable. Real shaky! So when they became available I picked up the GR-18 FC receiver. I never could get my ESC's to responds other than beeping. So my Versa set on a shelf until today.
I am so thankful I came back to Flitetest and watched both this video and the Graupner MZ-12 video. Wow what a tremendous help! I feel like the Graupner radio is packed full of features and yet I couldn't really find any resources online to walk through some of the settings and the FC settings. I'm a beginner and these videos made my day. Thank you guys!
So I ordered v2 conversion because I'm confident I can get her up in the air again. I know you guys are swamped but videos like these help us beginners out so much. Keep up the good work.
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Cammer3030 on June 4, 2016
Hi there, does anyone know if you can set up the versacopter with a dx6i radio and receiver?
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fryanryan9 on June 5, 2016
Yes just the same as grapner
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yoadrian on June 27, 2016
Awesome video, love the platform. In the process of purchasing one. I have an idea, since I live in the N. GA mountains with not a lot of places to fly without hitting a tree I thought how cool would it be to build a quad that I could take out to the lake and do some fpv from the boat. I already tried the the water plane idea and resulted in an epic fail. I thought this would be a great inexpensive platform for that. I think as you guys have branded it as a multi platform how about "Lake racer" ? Include some air filled material so it doesn't sink and put your boy Peter on how to water proof all the vital components and there you go. Also maybe even sell e packs that are already waterproof. What do you think sirs?
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Nathanfpv on July 18, 2016
Awesome!! I'm just a beginner and I'm planing to make this as my first multi rotor built, I don't know what's the different in planes and multirotor but I think this is awesolme the only thing is I don't know if I'm gonna use 3s lipo or 4s lipo.
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ft2ss on July 18, 2016
I did this complete build and all my machine does is flip it's self over. I have recalibrated, verified motor direction , and prop placement. Does anyone have any info then can share, Thanks
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fractalsuar on July 19, 2016
Check your motor connections to your flight controller. You most probably have them in the wrong order. You have to check the documentation for the fc you are using to get them in the right order.
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g36pilot on June 24, 2017
Also check your Flight Controller orientation both physically and in Clean/Betaflight, if you have it. The FC will have an arrow pointing to the forward part of the aircraft. The programming software will have an aircraft caricature that responds to movement. If the software's "forward" the FC will make a max effort to correct attitude but in a wrong direction. Either physical or software FC mis-orientation will cause a quad to act as you describe.
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CoCreatr on August 16, 2016
Great versatile quad kit with all the specs I am looking for in my second racer (my first FPV is a Kylin 250). The Versa takes a huge battery. I would use a CC3D flight controller I had in my BIX3.

How about a Versa V2.1 with a beeper activated by control transmitter off (or an AUX channel) , so I can find it when downed in high grass or hung up in a tree?

General question: why on most quads do the propellers turn inwards at front?
Here is why I want it changed: When clipping grass, leaves, or the occasional insect, props turning inward throw grime at the camera and the body. When closely shaving a race gate your chances of gliding by are higher with front props turning outward, no? What bits in the flight control need to be adjusted to fit the reverse rotation? Would the quad fly much different? Would love an A/B comparison flitetest video.
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Brodie Robertson on August 24, 2016
Love this set up, it is my first FT build..... First build ever and it is going well :)
When are you going to do the FPV set up?

Keep up the good work!

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Brodie Robertson on December 12, 2016
Hey, so I am having trouble with my receiver, I have a DX8 Spectrum transmitter with an AR 8000 receiver. when I connect to clean flight I cant seam to get a response, I can start the motors in clean flight but when I move the sticks nothing happens.
Also I was hoping for an FPV tute, can I just solder the power straight to an Aux point on the board?

Thank Brodie
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Def94ions on February 19, 2017
FliteTest, it has been almost two years since I first came across the versacopter, Right now, i am looking for assistance to get my copter back in the sky. Recently I purchased a MZ24 and GR 18 HOTT 3xG, 3A, Vario as upgrades. however, I have scoured the internet, youtube and your site to assist me in completely setting up the system. I need help in setting up the transmitter, ensuring the receiver has the necessary firmware and syncing the ESCs. Can you provide any assistance in assisting me? I would love to do it myself, however I am willing to ship it to you and pay any fees to ensure that the quad is tuned. thanks for any assistance Wayne
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FT VersaCopter V.2 - DIY Quadcopter -BUILD