FTP: What Is David Windestal Working On?

by FliteTest | November 12, 2018 | (5) Posted in Podcasts

The community has spoken: you wanted more of our all-time favorite Swede, so here he is!

As our original in-house mad scientist here at Flite Test, we're always asked David Windestål is up to these days. On this edition of the Flite Test podcast, we chat with David as he records from Italy to talk about his Maker Knife Kickstarter and new RC Explorer Bicopter.

About Maker Knife


In collaboration with YouTube DIY hacker Giaco Whatever, David has helped to design this utility knife handle. This sleek utility blade holder has been superbly engineered to the finest tolerances to be a premium product that you'll want to keep forever - it's essentially the ultimate knife for the every-maker. 

The duo has also come up with a line of ceramic blades that you can use with the Maker Knife. These are perfect for cutting foam. If you've ever scratch built any type of foam board plane before, you'll know that foam board dulls blades extremely quickly - but ceramic blades are virtually impervious to this type of wearing down. Sounds good, right?

The Knife comes in black and silver. There is also a special edition on the Maker Knife website as well as the ceramic blades. You can order yours on www.makerknife.com

About the RC Explorer Bicopter


The second major project David has been spending his time developing is the awesomely-unique and wildly-styled Bicopter from RC Explorer

Before Flite Test existed, David was building unusual multirotors. His tricopters pioneered significant steps forward in the early drone days. Now, David has gone a step further by removing yet another motor. The resulting bicopter concept is a platform ripe for community development.

A Kakute F4 V2 control board is the brains behind the bicopter. It runs a version of the dRonin firmware which is great for bicopters and tricopters.

If you want to get onboard with the development and refinement of this system, as well as having a great flying, extremely different type of multirotor to show your friends, make sure to visit David's RC Explorer store where you can pick one up.

Next time on the FT Podcast, we'll be discussing aerodynamics and aircraft design with Josh Bixler.

Look out for that one!

Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com

Contact: james@flitetest.com

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/projectairaviation 


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FTP: What Is David Windestal Working On?