Glider tow With rc car

by Jackbradley | December 1, 2013 | (9) Posted in Just Fun

Ever wondered how to get your Glider into the air without having to use a high start or have buddy to run with a string? Well do you have a RC car. All you have to do is tie a kite string to the string and put the other end in your glider, and walah You have a glider tow. You may want to weigh the back end of your car down so it does not take flight.


K-factor on December 11, 2013
Great job guys !
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alibopo on December 11, 2013
Great fun to watch! I think you need some expo on the elevator to stop that stalling :)
But with a sure-fire way to get the glider up, you'll get lots of practice time. Well done for some outside the box thinking
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Hillcrest RC Flyers on December 11, 2013
That looks great how do like the plane we are thinking of getting one?
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Bartman493 on December 18, 2013
Looks like a great concept for simple glider towing. From the footage though it looks like the gliders centre of gravity was too far back making it hard to control nicely. Try moving the battery forward or using a slightly bigger battery to try and get things smoother. It will be a noticeable difference.
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Piet1Fish on July 5, 2014
great vid guys!!
Actually this wasn´t a tow! It´s a highstart. put a little Hook on the bottom of the sailplane at about 1cm infront of the CG then it will make more height and the car won´t try to pull the plane to the ground!
Try it out and happy flying
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Jackson T on May 27, 2018
That's a brilliant idea!!!
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Glider tow With rc car