Gopro Alternatives (Mobius, Amkov5000, Hawkeye)

by RCSchim | December 7, 2014 | (7) Posted in Reviews

If you just wanna see the Video Samples go to 12:42
►Amkov "SJ5000" (Clone of the Clone)
Price: 91$
Bitrate: 17.723kbits

+ fully gopro compatible (button layout, housing)
+ changeable battery (almost like Gopro but not compatible)
+ good preview speed in android app (to Galaxy S4)
- worst picture in test! Also the video is not smooth in playback
- only little to setup in app, but app needed to change important stuff!
- cheap plastic feeling (looks better than it feels)

►Hawkeye (from
Price: 75$
Bitrate: 21.834kbits
Battery runtime (1080p30) 1h:12mins (but maybe I have a charge problem here - cant get passed 80% full)

+ very sharp, crisp picture
+ few different modes (like Gopro2) but selectable
+/- only medium FOV 100°  (also the 720p modes are same fov)
- Gopro3 housing partly useable (only shutter button accessible, on/off and mode means: open housing)
- fixed battery
- No app support, no Wifi, no Preview

►Mobius Wideangle
Bitrate: 18.212kbits

+ lightweight and small, low airdrag if used on plane
+ simple setup, customizeable with usb software, easy to use on the field
+ good, sharp and wideangle picture
- light handling could be better
- battery not changeable
- not compatible with Gopro3 accessories

►Gopro3+ 1080p30 wide
Bitrate: 20.112kbits
not really a gopro review here - there are tons of it already online (just for comparison)

All excep gopro mp4 are a little slower to "search" in Mediaplayer (MOV?)
Gopro feels less "shakey", of course best light handling (smooth transition)


Gravitysucks on December 7, 2014
Excellent review. Opened my eyes for some GoPro alternatives. Thumbs up :)
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Miracle Air on December 8, 2014
Great comparison! You'll save people a lot of research.
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Phil Rosa-Leeke on December 9, 2014
Have you taken a look at the AEE S70 ( or any of AEE's other action cams (

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RCSchim on December 9, 2014
Thanks Phil for pointing my nose to their cams. No I havent but I already sent them mail ;-)
Looks nice. 1080p60 and at least no direct gopro clone and it looks like they actually had some own ideas here...
Greetings, RCSchim
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Phil Rosa-Leeke on December 9, 2014
I have been watching them for some time now and by what I have seen they seem to be as good as the GoPros (if not better in some things) especially when you take into account their pricing. In my opinion, when it comes to which has the better colours, the AEE ( the S70) wins hands down.
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RCSchim on December 9, 2014
Yes, well done Phil! Thanks to your comment I'm now quite curious about these cams ;-) They have a similar lineup like gopro - but I like the looks with some hard buttons on the front. Would be cool to see some real competition to the Gopro!
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Phil Rosa-Leeke on January 14, 2015
Hi there again, did you ever get to hear anything back from the guys at AEE? Would love to see any follow up and what you think about their cams.

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godofroads on June 26, 2015
Awesome video thank you so much for this, loved the comparison shots, incredibly helpful!
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Gopro Alternatives (Mobius, Amkov5000, Hawkeye)