Graupner Hott Fan - Review

by FliteTest | April 1, 2015 | (10) Posted in Reviews

We heard your requests! You wanted more gliders so here's the review so here's the Graupner Hott Fan Motor Glider! 

The Graupner SJ Hott Fan features a retracting motor. Learn more here:

Made from “Graupner / SJ SOLIDPOR®” foam, the Hott Fan glider has a sturdy construction. 

Power with a brushless motor HPD 2512-5000.

Though the weather was very windy during our flights, we were impressed by how well the motor glider handled.

From our experience with the Hott Fan, we wouldn't recommend it as a beginner plane.

Learn more here: 

This motor glider is an ARTF (Almost Ready To Fly) kit. all you need to do is attach the wings and pushrods.

The split wing is reinforced with CFRP spar.

Learn more here:

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Zeb Ludlow on April 2, 2015
I like gliders and great episode ,but I'd like to see more gas planes.
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bmosinski on April 1, 2015
Excellent review guys keep them coming. I might do a mix from that switch to throttle so I wouldn't be making a mistake of hitting the power while the fan was retracted. Although it didn't seem to hurt anything when Alex did it on the ground. Very cool power glider.
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FALSARC on April 1, 2015
Awesome review guys, I really enjoy having more than one persons opinion on your reviews. It gives prospective. I like the idea of a retractable fan, I may have to design one for my glider. Keep up the great work, we need to have more people like yourselves promoting our hobby.
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Matt Mountain on April 2, 2015
Superb review guys - and great cinematography. I particularly like the longer format; it doesn't get may take extra editing time to add more footage, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who would enjoy seeing more of the experience you guys have with the planes, even the bits you might think we would find boring ;-)
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Mike Geleide on April 8, 2015
Great video. One of the nice things about that quality is the ability to view structural characteristics if the aircraft. The rearward view shows a large torque response during elevon use. Appears to handle ok anyway. Something to consider. Might get a better response to controls if it were internally stiffened.
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cenko on April 3, 2015
Great images and good info regarding CG and batterys guys, but it's a glider (motor glider)! So use the motor to get up, turn of the fan and glide. Most of the episode you used the motor and flew it like a conventional electric motor rc plane.
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boraFitetest on April 3, 2015
can guys make a multirotor series I think it would be vary helpful to me and a lot of other people. And because of that you can make a lot of money.
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Ano Pilot on April 3, 2015
I loved this, and I would definitely vote for more numerous branded model reviews. PLUS... well done Josh, there was useful educational content regarding CofG, Expo, and differences in battery weights of the same nominal capacity (mah's). Excellent.

I would agree with Zeb Ludlow, how about a...


I've been flying electrics for a while now but recently joined a club and a few guys there had 'traditional' engines: I loved it. As it hppened I had a Thunder Tiger GP42 and a Ripmax Tutor 40 brand new and unboxed that I had bought back in 2002 but never had the courage to do anything with. So, a little further help and encouragement from the FT team would be great.
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Graupner Hott Fan - Review