HeadPlay HD FPV Goggles

by FliteTest | April 27, 2015 | (9) Posted in Reviews

When it comes to choosing fpv goggles... the options keep growing. The catch was you either spend $400+ or you spend $30 on the HobbyKing DIY kit.

You can pre-order the Headplay Goggles at GetFPV.com.

Currently, the cheapest and most basic goggle is this DIY monitor kit from HobbyKing.  It's great for a beginner but there wasn't an additional option to step up from this, until now. 

The HeadPlay provides that additional option. 

The new HeadPlay goggles have plenty of easy to reach features at your fingertips. It integrates with Boscam, ImmersionRC, AND Fatshark giving you a 32 channel receiver. 

Although quite large, the comfort and fit surpass all the goggles we have worn previously. It would seem that this would feel very bricky, but it's super light weight and the foam is VERY comfortable. 

HeadPlay goggles use a monitor and a magnifier to maintain clarity. 

This gives the illusion of a larger screen than it actually is. This is either a pro or a con depending on the type of FPV you like to fly. If you are looking for more immersion the enlarged screen might just do it for you. 

Headplay goggles are also capable of accepting and outside HD signal through a mini HDMI port.  This is great if you have a DJI light bridge or the new HD system from getfpv.

We were fortunate to have the oppertunity to share FPV with the great people we met at the Utah S.T.E.A.M. expo. We also met a Flite Test fan named Conner and his Dad!

After the event, we drove to the "Valley of the Gods" and invited Conner and his father to come along.

This is the same location were they filmed the 80's classic Airwolf!

Conner has always flown with the $30 HK Goggles.  We though it would be great to get an honest opinion from a pilot who wasn't used to the high end FPV gear. 

Eric flew his Electrohub Y6 (comming soon). Conner flew his Electrohub Spiderquad!

Conner was very pleased with the detail and brightness of the HD display. 

Even after telling us he's flow FPV for only a few months, Conner impressed us with his confidence behind the goggles! 

Overall everything we assumed about these goggles was true. They are amazingly good at blocking out incoming light, the HD display is crystal clear and extremely immersive (again, this is a pro or con depending on what you're looking for), the amount of receiver flexibility between all the FPV brands is exactly what we like to see from a product that helps newbies grow in the hobby. 


Andy_srq on April 27, 2015
Having flown with this Headplay FPV headset a few times now, I can safely say they are my favorite. Especially if you can afford HD FPV. It is truly amazing to see live HD while piloting the aircraft.
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kah00na on April 27, 2015
From the video, I picked up on the following comparison between the HeadPlay and Quantum
1. HeadPlays have a higher resolution
2. HeadPlays have an included receiver
3. HeadPlays have better foam around the eyes
4. HeadPlays have no light leak, but did the Quantums?

Quantum Goggles ($30) + SkyZone RC32S 32 Channel ($40) + shipping (~$20) comes to around $90.

$90 vs $250? Humm... Interesting. Maybe there were a lot of other details and comparison points that were left out that would justify the $160 difference, but based on the comparison in the video, I'm just not persuaded to invest the money in the HeadPlays.
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OrangutangSurfer on April 27, 2015
the screen is 7" instead of 4.3" and the resolution is almost 4 times that of the HK DIY goggles. the RX is built in so even though you can buy one for $40 it's heavy, bulky, requires a rats nest of wiring to connect (I know I have the DIY goggles currently). the longer box of the HeadPlay goggles give it a clearer picture when looking through the fresnel lens. for the 160 dollar difference your FPV experience will improve greatly.

If you read the forums you'll find lots of people that have tried to DIY a set similar to the head play, most have 100+ invested and when they compare their DIY project with with the head play, the general opinion is that for $250 they are a steal and do anything you could try and DIY better.

I think headplay has done something awesome and the fact that they've lowballed the fatshark prices for a quality product makes it more awesome. mine are on preorder!

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kah00na on April 27, 2015
Now that is persuasive. Too bad they missed most of that info in the video. I don't think it was really focused on comparing the two but when they went and talked to Connor, they kind of directed it that way and their comparison was terrible. Your comparisons makes me want to put in a pre-order myself.
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Milliester on April 27, 2015
Awesome review guys! I might get this instead of the FatShark goggles because I am cheap. :)
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adrian.martinez.35325074 on April 27, 2015
The $30 HK goggles are barely acceptable. They are very low res. The headplay goggle is even better than fat sharks for ta and field of view.
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Shufty on April 27, 2015
I've been flying with my $30 HK goggles for several months now on a BlackOut Mini H quad and they are perfectly fine (albeit with a few mods).I find them much more immersive then the expensive goggles... the only downside is the bulkiness of them.
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Aeronut41 on April 27, 2015
Very misleading review! The FOV of the widest Fatshark is only 45 degrees vs the 72 degree FOV of the Headplays yet the reviewer said they are the same??? . I tested the HP against the FS Dom HD at Toledo and the HP blew the FS HD out of the water! Much more immersive than the FS. The FS looked like tunnel vision next to the HP. My Boscam 920s actually look better than the FS but not near as good as the HPs. Can't wait till mine get here :)
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DustyVisor on April 27, 2015
Yes I agree. I love the Flite Test guys, but I gotta say they missed the mark on this one as far as picture quality and immersive experience goes. Although I think they nailed it on comfort and goofy looks!

I flew my Inspire 1 with a pair of the Headplays at the CFL FPV meet back in late Feb., so about a 16 minute flight. Barely noticed they were on my face, and I literally felt like I was in the i1. I must confess I have never owned a pair of Fatsharks, but have worn other peoples' enough to know they were never that comfortable for me and always fogged up. But maybe it really is just personal preference.

I don't think you will truly know until you try a pair for yourself. I'm in the second batch from getfpv.com and suggest you all get in line!

Side note: All of you Flite Test guys are awesome! So bummed I missed you at CFL FPV meet a.k.a. Mudfest 2015.
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FALSARC on April 27, 2015
interesting review, I have never done fpv, I just might have to get some of my honeydue list done. Maybe the wife will let me spend some cash. FT, is that a new pusher in the background? Whats the skinny on that one?
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Air-headed Aviator on April 27, 2015
Is the Shinden coming out soon!?!? I've been telling myself that that would be the first Speed Build I buy, so I've been waiting. Gosh I can't wait!
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stereodreieck on April 28, 2015
I am missing my Cyclops 5 Goggles. I sent an Mail on Saturday with the Link to my Review (its also in the Flitetest Articles)
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Tom123 on April 28, 2015
Ft Foam soon?
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danallen82 on April 28, 2015
BTW the flat lens is called a Fresnel - (Fren-nel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY4Wnop9z9w

I like the Headplay. They really nailed this product since their early prototypes. If I didn't already have my DIY version of this I'd buy it. Mine is a 5in (800x480) display from getFPV
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Aeronut41 on April 28, 2015
Good discussion over at RC Groups on this review :)
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91shadowrider on April 28, 2015
I pre ordered mine. I was thinking of going with the diy setup before I saw this review. I have not been happy with my Fat Sharks as the resolution on mine is grainy and fog up so easily. This new setup sounds like what I have been looking for. Sooo excited!!!
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dz1sfb on April 28, 2015
I also got to test these at Toledo and compare them to all the Fatshark and Ziess models on display at RMRC. The HP was so much better, almost beyond comparison. I have a set of FS Attitude goggles and they are better than the HK DIY kit for sure. However the HP is the next level above FS.

Ken :)
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maue on April 29, 2015
I see a shinden. And it's up on the wall so it can't be to far away. I'm looking forward to this one wonder if there going to have one that's painted?
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Eddy Current on May 1, 2015
I already have my own 1.2 GHz video receiver and IBCrazy antenna, if GetFPV sold the HeadPlay without the 5.8 GHz receiver/antenna (that I don't want and don't need), I would probably jump on this... IF they can get this "no receiver" version below $199. Or I can just wait for HobbyKing to come out with their reasonably priced version.
Oh, and based on the reviews of HeadPlay here and on YouTube, Mr. FatShark should be very VERY worried.
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BrianB on October 26, 2015
I'm late to the party, but I, too am slighty disappointed by the included receiver. If I want to run a diversity receiver, I'll need to disable the internal one (or let it drain my battery). Any idea on how easy/hard this will be?
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HeadPlay HD FPV Goggles