Hobby King Vampire

by FliteTest | December 5, 2011 | (14 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

Lock your doors Flite Test fans, because in this episode Josh and Josh talk about Vampires! This EDF jet is an amazing plane. Watch this episode to see how it flies and what the team thought about it!


TaPeMaStEr153 on July 21, 2012
I have an extra 3000mah 4s turnigy nanotech 25c battery, do you think it could handle the extra weight of the bigger battery?
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FlyBoy on July 22, 2012
Yes, i think it would be nice.

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crashmaniac on July 28, 2012
Couldn't get mine into the air by hand launching it,

may need a 35 C battery to lift it's weight
with a 2200 25C 3c at full power u can hold it vertical but can hold it'self

any suggestions please ?
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crashmaniac on July 28, 2012
sorry. I meant a 2200 ma 4C 25C :)
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