Get Amazing air to air with wildlife

by Abstract FPV | January 26, 2018 | (0) Posted in Tips

Every Day for the last week when going out to fly i Saw across one of the fields Some birds. I grew up interested in wildlife so i was intrigued when i saw a pair of little egrits. At first i was not sure what they where as they where  rare in my area but after observation it was quite clear. The next time i saw them i wanted to film them in flight however i did a few things before to make sure that the footage will be great and the the safety of the animals will not be compromised. First i practiced by following aeroplanes with plane stupid rc. this gave me the neccicary experience of filming moving objects in flight objects. However a risk would be that there isn't an aeroplane pilot there to warn you where they are turning so some experience is required. Another tip would be to use a quadcopter that is fairly quiet preferably a six inch but a efficient five inch will do to prevent scaring the wildlife. other than that filming is easy. I had a really great time filming these amazing creatures  and it is a great feeling flying alongside nature. I really want anyone to try it it is like nothing else . if you follow these tips, you and the animals will be fine. something i would do next time is try and find the egrets on a day where their colour contrasts with the sky this would make them easier to see and make sure collisions will not happen.

in conclusion flying with real birds is great fun and a way to capture the natural beauty of flight. I strongly advise following the tips to ensure everything safety. 

really hope you enjoyed the article .

Henry Hampshire, AKA AbstractFPV


jakrabit on January 27, 2018
i hate to break it to you, but you were herding those egrets.

Nothing you did was safe for them.
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Abstract FPV on January 30, 2018
Thanks for the comment i appreciate your concern, but i thought maby the practice i have had flying after RC aeroplanes might give me a bit of experience.I would like to to it again however in thee future and i would love to know what you think i could d to improve my methods. thanks again.
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Get Amazing air to air with wildlife