How to make some RC plane floats

by judah | September 1, 2023 | (5) Posted in Projects

In this article, I will attempt to make some RC plane floats.

Version one was comically small, and sank immediately!!!!!

tiny floats v1 that failed immediately

v2 were made from Celotex insulation foam, 

they were still too small and snaped into many pieces, under the weight of the big plane.

broken floats v2

Attempt 3 was going to work,(supposedly) so I built them out of some foam I found on the road

The only problem with this foam is that it sokes up water like a sponge, so I would need

to sell it in some way.

anyway, enough talking time to build!!!!!!! 

step one, Cut 2 6cm strip 


(2) 6cm strips

Then I cut out the step out of the bottom, 

 Around the same time, I beveled the bottom, for better hydrodynamics.

beveled edges

Then I cut the front to the right side and then coped that onto the other float.

cut front

Because the foam is quite floppy I sheeted the top with congregate plastic.

Old road sign


When I was sheeting the tops I left a small slot for later mounting


mounting gap

Then I needed to cote them on sellotape to stop water soaking in  

To make it stick I used a clothing iron on a low setting.

coting with sellotape

I covered the other float with parcel tape for a difference in the air.

Waterproof float (allegedly)

Now I needed to mount the floats together and  to the plane 

so I glued some old landing gear in those holes that I left open earlier.

then I drilled some holes in bites of wood and mounted some more old gear.

then I attached the landing gear altogether at the top.

Then I test the floats in the fuselage

Then I mounted them with rubber bands

To balance the plane I added 1 aaa battery to the nose. 

time for a test !!!!!!!!

thanks to Louis Holingam, for filming.

Well, that test was a fail. 

Ps if you want more plane-related videos link to my channel.

I was wrong and as Louis suggested, the floats were digging underwater and spraying the propeller with water and slowing the plane way, way down.

so, it was time for some mods

the first mod was to change the angle of the floats by some balsa wood shims.

o and a massive motor.

but .......

on the remaden, it was tail heavy.

So the plane crashed into a tree, the plane was not damaged in the crash, as me and my dad tried to get the plane out of the tree.

 It fell quite far and obliterated on the hard ground.

so that is the end of this one, sorry if that's a bit of a boring ending but oh well.

I am working on some other plane so look out for them.

thats all for this one, by.




Crazed Scout Pilot on October 7, 2023
Way to Go Judah! Looks great!
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How to make some RC plane floats