How to - Using a Dipole antenna to make a CP one

by Bjarkix2 | June 6, 2013 | (9) Posted in How To

This article will show you how to use the Standard wip antenna you usually get with your FPV Tx/Rx

I will only show you how to make the wire part. The "antenna" part of it will be in a link at the bottum.

First you find you exacto knife and your antenna. Then you remove the cut carefully around the antenna making sure you only go through the rubberized plastic part.

Then you pull of the top part.

This will reveal the inside of the antenna. It is really simple, just a brass tube around the coaxial cable connected to the shielding. To get the brass tube if, you need to reheat the solder joint where the inside wire comes out, them shielding is soldered to brass tube.

Here you see the solder joint more closely

I know this soldering iron is a bit outdated, but it gets the job done. However a new one isn't far away ;)

As you heat it up, pull it of. make sure you pull away from the SMA plug. It can be a little tight, so don't hesitate pulling on it.

And there you go, simple as pie, and allot cheaper than buying SMA cables separately. Hope this article helps, and inspires you to do something similar.

Now you can continue on making the antenna here: Good luck


ARC on July 11, 2013
Very helpful. Great job!!
Thank you
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colorex on June 6, 2013
I was wondering if this could be done - Thank you sir!
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rbemo821 on June 6, 2013
This works great to change your Frsky antennas to CP. I put skew planar wheels on both sides (tx and rx) and got double the range!
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FlyingMonkey on June 6, 2013
I'd give this six stars if I could. Excellent job!
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Bjarkix2 on June 6, 2013
Thank you sir
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Bjarkix2 on June 6, 2013
Thank you so much, i have been thinking of making The RC link CP as well. I am deffinatly gonna do the same as you.
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How to - Using a Dipole antenna to make a CP one