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by FliteTest | January 4, 2016 | (9) Posted in Just Fun

While we love to race our Versacopters and fly big beefy machines, there is something really special about flying little tiny indoor quads into everything in your house (safely of course). They are light weight, easy to fly, and take an impact - which makes them perfect for some indoor games! 


The rules are very similar to the basketball version of this playground classic.

The first pilot calls out a line they want to try, for example, "I'll take off from my hand, fly above the ceiling fan blades, and land on the counter." If they succeed, the next pilot has to copy that same line.

The pilot who fails to complete the line (and more rules can be applied to define a fail - don't touch the floor, this area is out of bounds, etc.) recieves a letter. "P" for the first fail, "I" for the second fail, and "G" for the last fail. The first pilot to recieve all three letters is eliminated.

In the episode we cut down a lot of the game for time but you usually play until only one pilot remains. That pilot is the winner!



We had so much fun with our friends in MultiGP that we wanted to do the same thing but scaled down.

The rules for a race are as simple or complex as you want them to be. We kept it simple, again for episode time, with one lap to a point and back. The last pilot back is eliminated until you have a champion.

Now this can start from an idea as simple as that or become a full on all day event! 100 laps all the way through the house with a pit crew to replace batteries and you can try to knock the other racers out of the air! The sky is the limit so be creative with your rules, or, don't have any at all! 



This is the game these little Inductrix quads were made for. Another playground classic that is as simple as you think. One pilot is "it". If that pilot can successfully run their quad into someone else, that pilot is now "it". You play until you run out of battery or you get bored. That's it!

Keep in mind this is really going to test out the durability of your machine so we recommend prop guards. Playing over carpet is also a good idea. These little guys are still impressively tough. We played over concrete and found no apparent damage. 



If you've ever wanted to stear your bowling ball while it was rolling down the alley, now you can! Grab yourself 10 of anything small that could fall over - Legos, paper cups, wooden dowels, etc. - and you have a bowling alley right in your living room! The same rules as regular bowling apply. Each pilot gets two chances to fly their quad into the pins and see how many they can knock over from a set distance. The size of the "pins" can really ramp the difficulty of this game. Smaller pins for beginners or larger pins for experts. Keep in mind the "pins" can't be too heavy or no one will be able to get points at all!  



We all have heard of the popular app game Angry Birds. The evil Pigs have stolen the Birds eggs and the Birds want revenge. They get this by flinging themselves into the Pigs defensive structures to see if they can topple them within a set number of tries. 

All you need is any number of objects that can be stacked and still fall over. Wooden blocks, red plastic cups, your Jenga game, or any combination of things that will balance. Once you have a weird looking building, you get 2-3 tries to knock down as much of the structure as you can by flying your quad into it.

The larger the structure the more tries each pilot gets to knock down as much as possible. The scoring system depends on what objects you are using to make your structures and you can really make up anything you want. This game is just as fun to set up as it is to play! A great one for little pilots. 


If you have some fun games that you've invented flying in your house, leave a comment and let us know about it! 


Daffy Punk on January 4, 2016
I got one of these for Christmas (BNF version). Never flown a quad before but it's great around the house and good fun while the weather is poor. Easy and cheap way to get some stick time - can't think of a better way for a beginner to try flying a quad! So far lots of soft crashes with no damage, and quiet as well so not many complaints from the boss...
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westbows on January 13, 2016
I have one of these they are great fun. any suggestions for good quality replacements batteries(1s 150mah)? multiple charging ideas. I have seen lots on amazon wondering about quality.
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jordy123 on January 19, 2016
The eflite battery's should do the trick, 1s 150mah, like you said. Good luck, Jordy.
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on January 4, 2016
Pretty cool, seems like every year's first episode is centered around micro quads now. :)

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orange_rc_pilot on January 6, 2016
Good spot! There's something fishy going on here... ;)

Cool little quads!
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yehudah on January 8, 2016
I want one when will this be available on the flitetest store?
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kerniel on April 3, 2017
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jennyhannb on July 7, 2017
Another playground classic that is as simple as you think clicker heroes, cool math games
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LonnieReese on June 20, 2022
Any suggestions for a high-quality battery replacement for the eflite battery? (1s 150mah)
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catbrooks on December 10, 2022
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Inductrix Indoor Games