J-20 Chinese Fighter Jet Scratch Build

by AirPatoine | April 8, 2013 | (6) Posted in Projects

This is my scratch built J-20.  I built it using the plans posted by the Mesa RC Foam Fighters.

I have really enjoyed flying my Flite Test F-22 Raptor so I decided to build another jet fighter.

I haven't been able to fly this one yet due to the lousy weather.

My thanks to Mesa RC for the plans.

Weight without battery is exactly one pound.  I installed a 40A ESC with a Turnigy 2826-6 2200kv motor.  Using an 1800mah 3s lipo the center of gravity is exactly where it should be.  I installed two Towerpro 9g servos.  They are working great in my F22 Raptor, so I hope they can handle the extra weight of this plane.  The only 6x4 prop I have is the three blade in the picture.  I have some two bladed props ordered and will switch to those when they get here.  My wife made the decals with her Cricut Cutter.

The only change I made from the plans is I didn't install the bottom stabilizers.  Depending on how it flies I may leave them off.  I am concerned that they will get damaged when landing.

Update 4/12/13:  Had the maiden flight today.  Flew smooth and easy to control.  Didn't even have to touch the trims.  CG was right on.  I didn't get too aggressive with it since there were some wind gusts.  Very easy to land - it flys well at low speed.  Didn't seem to be putting any strain on the electronics with the 6x4 three bladed prop.  I may try a 7x4 and see what happens.

Here's a video of its second flight: 



jupakos79 on April 10, 2013
Nice looking plane
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planemad man on April 11, 2013

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AirPatoine on April 12, 2013
Maiden flight was today. I added comments in the article.
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MESA RC on May 2, 2013
All the students of the MESArcFF program are very proud, nice job!
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mian558 on September 10, 2017
Can you please comment here for my post: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?36714-MY-J-20-RC-Model-needs-your-attention
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J-20 Chinese Fighter Jet Scratch Build