KA-8 Sailplane

by FliteTest | August 28, 2013 | (22) Posted in Reviews

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Josh and David had a chance to check out the Ka8 2.25M Sailplane PNP. Using a high start method they launch this glider and take it for a test flight.

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sailorJohn on August 28, 2013
Glad to see Josh ll back with the sense that he was knowledgeable about the plane.

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liveyourdreamsRC on August 28, 2013
Me too, its about time.
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Dirt Pilot on August 28, 2013
Thanks for the review. I completely agree with the comments about the air brake servo. Hopefully PZ comes out with a version with a fix for the issue. Two smaller servos really does make a lot of sense. Although, it has really got me interested in trying high-starts. One thing I want to know, what is up with David's hatred for the Radian Pro. I love that plane and I have hundreds of flights on it. It helps you get use to a full house glider set-up. I find that it flies and thermals well and I can fly it just about anywhere. Plugging in the servos is a little awkward but not that bad. I can get the plane set up in just a few minutes. There are also mods you can make to get more performance out of the plane. Maybe David can explain the issues in more detail. Thanks. Keep up all the good work.
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Jimmy the Heater on August 29, 2013
I'm also curious about the Radian Pro issue...I LOVE my Radian and have considered upgrading to the Pro but don't want to do it if its a disappointment.
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Sirglider on August 29, 2013
I would love to learn more about glider towing as it's a bit a challenge. Your last episode on it was epic with all the fails and that huge 2 Axis glider. But I didn't learn much of it. Or maybe soon coming that episode with the E-Flite plane carrying the glide ron its back. That would also be interesting :)
Keep up doing this great work! :)
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sailorJohn on August 29, 2013
Even the Swed is getting some sun.

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feetball on August 29, 2013
What TX are they using in this episode?

Now I gotta get a hi-start setup ... thanks guys! ;-p
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cholfeltz on August 29, 2013
Haha, no kidding. Stop showing us new awesome things! my wallet can't keep up with it!

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jaBdr on August 29, 2013
It looks like the old JR transmitter they modded with the FrSky internal hack module but with a DTF UHF transmitter module attached.
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RoyBro on August 29, 2013
Whoever is controlling the aerial video copter, nice job! One of the reasons I love your reviews is the additional aerial video. Your production team is absolutely awesome.
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tramsgar on August 29, 2013
Reviews always gets you a 5 star. Even "buggy" ones.
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liveyourdreamsRC on August 29, 2013
Could you maybe do a review on the fenix gliders from lazertoys? Would they work with a high start as long as you put some extra bracing in?
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Crashpilot1000 on August 31, 2013
I think Josh should eat more insects, it will get him fluent in German :) .
Thank you for the nice episode. Highstarts are too much hassle for me. I drove over to my rc shop in the netherlands (just 10Km away) and wanted to buy the Radian - but it was sold out. So I bought the last Radian Pro that was in the shop. Hopefully I am not disappointed after Davids strong words about it. From the first look it seems to be a very good kit but I will do some modifications to it.
1: Fit APM2.0 (with powermodule to power apm and frsky RX + minimosd)
2: Bought extra 2A BEC for the servos
3: Remove all magnets to NOT kill off the magnetometer (HMC5833)
4: Build some easy reachable adaptors for wingservos
5: Resolder/Shorten the motor esc leads. ESC will just power the motor.
6: Remove a little foam to make a fit for my bunch of 2200mAh 3S lipos.
7: Some clear Tape on the leading wing edges and on the bottom of the body.
So far the plan..... something is already done but it's my first glider build ever. Just flew a lot of Quadrocopter and a cessna (with combustion engine) in my youth (it was actually grounded because of it's 27MHZ Rc stuff going crazy when some CB guy started to talk on that frequency,,,)
Cheers Kraut Rob
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UltraPigeon on September 2, 2013
Guys i think you need to make a dlg swappable or do a review of a hobby king dlg
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GunHog on September 2, 2013
HAHAHA! Dave said "cleavage" and "penetration" all in the same review.

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LittleDarren on March 6, 2015
Quick question re the vario used in the K8 in the piggyback episode? How do you correct for "stick lift"? I.e. The vario just giving false readings if you cause the glider to climb or descend with control input? Modern varios in the full scale world use electronics but used to use a system that included a diaphragm to compensate for varying pressure from the pitot tube when accelerating or decelerating.

Just wondered if the one in the K8 had any system like that?

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davereap on September 20, 2015
High starts..... take that straight ground peg and bin it, they can be lethal if they pull out under tension...go to a pet store and buy a cork screw shaped ground peg for a dog.. they obviously screw in and as a result will not come out under tension... be safe
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KA-8 Sailplane