Knuckle H-Quad - BUILD

by FliteTest | October 9, 2013 | (12) Posted in How To

Here's the step by step overview of how to assemble your Knuckle Hub Kit into an H-Quad configuration.Knuckle Hubs are available seperately in our online store as well.

HERE is a link to the 13-370 Straight build.

Straight Motor Mounts 13-370 are also available seperately in our online store.

You only can you build your own multirotor designs with the Knuckle Hub Kit, but you can also paint them!These components are made of wood, so you can paint them any colors you'd like.Here's the H-Quad setup that David created, he wanted a bright multirotor that's easy to see.

For those of you who would like to make your own, here are the free PDF templates. Download here.

Thanks for all of your support and be sure to upload your Knuckle Hub Multirotor designs in the forum HERE!  


liveyourdreamsRC on October 9, 2013
Wow, that was fast! thank you for making this quad- truly a backbacker! Looking forward to purchasing the kit from you guys. Keep up the awesome work.
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hobosbazzoka on October 9, 2013
Thanks that's great though could we get a parts list for Davids quad (motor, esc, ete)
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DiterFlightBG on December 6, 2013
Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 2822-1275 short shaft version
ESC: Turnigy Multistar 15 Amp
Prop: Slow Fly Electric Prop 8045 SF (make sure you get both LH and RH rotation)
That's as much as I could find out. Good Luck!
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hobosbazzoka on October 9, 2013
Also a T-copter build would be great
Keep up the good work!
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rifted on October 9, 2013
And no Knuckle where cut while making this episode!
Thanks Chad! nice quick build hope all the people enjoy your ways lol

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liveyourdreamsRC on October 10, 2013
Nice test flight at the end David and Josh!
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Hilbert on October 10, 2013
What are the PI settings of the boards? The ones of Davids board and Joshs board? Saves us a lot of tweaking ;-)
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Foxbat25 on November 8, 2013
Agreed! Building the knuckle no problem...hardware no problem..but I'm new at quads and listing the setup, as David did with the v-tail build, would be a huge help!!
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Roelke2 on October 10, 2013
i really love the humor josh and david have. even in the podcasts people tend to stare at me while i'm listening to the podcast when david or josh make a joke because i'm laughing really hard :P. anyways another great build really love the show keep up the good work.
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CJGFX on November 9, 2013
It would be good to have a hardware list on this episode too, at least just a simple one with motors options used and ESC specs and if they have been flash through or not.
KK2 setting would be a real help to us that are new to multi-rotors!

PLEASE can you put the specs up.....

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BrandonDey on May 9, 2015
I just wanted to give everyone at Flite Test a heads up that the link to the Knuckle H-Quad kit in your store doesn't actually work...I know there were quite a few curious comments on the YouTube Review video asking about build kits.

The link to the free blueprints does though!

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filipspat on May 25, 2015
do you need to program your control board ?

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Knuckle H-Quad - BUILD