Like a TBS Discovery Pro

by polak74 | December 17, 2013 | (0) Posted in Projects



Hi all,


I have a TBS Discovery for some time now, very good quad.

But when I saw arriving Discovery Pro I said I want it!
I almost had a heart attack.
So I decided to custom mine.

I had to make a well-considered simple and removable system.

So I bought a cheap gimbal for testing, this:


Here is my first test, I posted there some time.



Considering the quality of the nacelle (plug & play), I decided to keep it and modify it to TBS.


I wanted to have a system in line with the Discovery, so I got started in the measurement and design to allow this.


I removed the unnecessary things.




Then I printed my adaptation in 3d printing.










The advantage of this system, I unscrew a screw and two cables unplugged, gimbal power supply and servo wire gimbal, and I can remove the gimbal to go for a real FPV flight.
That the Discovery Pro does not allow, because the gimbal is unremovable.

I am very satisfied of results.

The first flight with this custom


You can find the parts available directly on the Shapeways site at the following address :

Enjoy ! This shape is perfect for the gimbal like a discovery pro !  And certainly less expensive!


Thank you for reading






InTheFade on January 10, 2014
Very clean design. I really like it. I printed a very similar mount for my TBS discovery. Nice Job!
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eagle4 on January 10, 2014
Fantastic mate. Did you 3d print the parts yourself or get them done at shape ways?
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polak74 on January 10, 2014
On Shapeways !
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Corsair2014 on January 12, 2014
love the design!
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Like a TBS Discovery Pro