Lipo Battery Toolbox/Bunker Charger

by MaxPower | September 1, 2014 | (6) Posted in How To

This is a video of my DYI portable toolbox battery charger bunker.  This setup is to safely charge my lipo batteries at home and while I'm traveling.  What I like about this toolbox is it's a single spot where I can keep my charger and batteries for a trip to the field.  I also keep them in lipo bags as well while charging in the toolbox. 

I think I might also line the bottom of the toolbox with a ceramic tile for added fire protection.  You can also use an old ammo box instead of a metal toolbox.

It was simple to build all you need is a metal toolbox, charger, rubber grommet or brush on electrical tape.  See the video.


JTI on September 13, 2014
Thanks for the great idea. I had 2 old steal toolboxes that I reused.
One is a charger box. One my storage box.
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Yogenh on September 14, 2014
Great job I have to make me one. It is a lot safer than what I do. Keep it up
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Lipo Battery Toolbox/Bunker Charger