The spitfire Zodrik edition

by zodrik | April 1, 2013 | (5) Posted in Just Fun

well this is a sort of spit fire,what i did i take the main fuselage plan from the pittchallenger and make the top round


i made the wing with kf airfoil and  cover with red ducktape an put a 1/4 wood rood inside



then i make a curved wing just like this,put the plane for one night on 2 chairs with 5 lb weight

and that's it....maybe today i'll get the electronics from hobbyking......but the weather condictin in Quebec sucks hope will be in the air soon


if u have any question please feel free to ask me,with my poor english i'll try to do my best


Auxiliarypower on April 5, 2013
Looks good.... Do you have a keychain cam you can put on it for your first flight?

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zodrik on April 5, 2013
Will be nice… still waiting for the electronics… I love Hobbiking usually whit hongkong post I get the stok in 10 days but when they send trough Singapore poste I'm luky if I get my order in s mounth
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LordVader on October 4, 2013
Nice build, hope you get your order soon. Looking forward to the final build pics and some flite vid or pics.
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The spitfire Zodrik edition