Matching your TX and RX Antennas

by SuarezLuis | March 30, 2014 | (5 Ratings) Posted in Tips


RX AntennaTX AntennaResult
BiQuad Vee Long range (15+miles)
Helical Cloverleaf, Airscrew, Mad Mushroom Moderate range (2-8 miles) and flying behind objects.
Crosshair Cloverleaf, Airscrew, Mad Mushroom Clean signal on long range and flying behind objects.
PepperBox Cloverleaf, Airscrew, Mad Mushroom Long range at low altitude, No tracker or diversity controller is needed
Circular Polarized Yagi Cloverleaf, Airscrew, Mad Mushroom Moderate to Long Range, Tracker is recommended
Cross Yagi Stock (Whip Antenna) Moderate Range, Tracker recommended (better than Yagi when aircraft is banking)
Yagi Stock (Whip Antenna) Moderate Range, Tracker recommended (loss of signal commonly while banking)
Whip Stock (Whip Antenna) Short Range, loss of signal while banking.


hanggar_mungil on April 16, 2014
simple and nice information, will very help for newbi (like me) if you give picture of antenna and radiated pattern for every type antenna.

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frogs84ss on April 18, 2014
great info. a picture of the antennas would help with id.
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EvanVH on April 19, 2014
Very good info. I agree with the pic and pattern comment. Thanks for gathering the info.

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danallen82 on April 21, 2014
Question SuarezLuis, what about sector antennas (Rx) which are typically used for wifi repeaters. What would be the best Tx antenna pair? I would assume the Vee or standard dipole is the best.
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