Mighty mini Albatros dva

by owadkar | December 22, 2022 | (5) Posted in Projects

Hi Everyone , 

   This is my second article , Thanks for the response on my first article on BF-109 . This is again going to be a german fighter from WW1 . 

Albatros DVa is a piece of an art ,It just captivated my attention every-time I saw it . specially the fuselage has nice curved shape which makes it very aerodynamic  . Every time you hear a word "WW1 fighter" image of this plane would pop up in my mind . I was looking for some plans online and came across this on pinterest .

Based on my previous experience I figured out that it can be converted to RC , considering the performance I was looking for power pack A is best suited for this model . I used https://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/cut-photo-into-pieces-result.php to tool to cut the image into 4x4 to get around 31 " wing span .



I started with fuselage construction first , since there are multiple connecting parts I added oval shaped support in between each connection . I added oval shape connector first to one part with double foam sheet and then cut hole in the middle later , that way you will retain the strength in the design . Next I attached tail and the rudder and made sure they are aligned. 


The next challenge was to build struts which would hold the upper wings and also the landing gears . I did some research  by looking at original photos and videos to see how it actually looks . the upper wing is supported by this  Z shape support if you look from the side . I used all wires to make it stable but you can make use of sticks as well . but wires gives you more rigidity in my experience . It is very important to make sure that both the wings are parallel  to other and also aligned perfectly . both the wings are single piece of foam with no folds .

 For upper wing I added couple of bends to make it curved and for lower wing I only added one bend . as you can see below .

Also I decided to make to 4 channel so , added ailerons as well and installed servos before attaching the wing . for the bottom wing I added a BBQ skewer in the middle for more strength since this area would take more impact while landing . 

Landing gears

 Landing gear is made out of wire in front and  BBQ skewer  on back for more support . I used 1" rubber wheels which is closer real once . Although they are not very helpful when landing in grass so you have to be gentle with landing .


The first thing you notice in Albatros is the engine which sticks out almost completely exposed . I looked up some old photos and videos to understand how to original engine looked like and came up with simple structure which looks kind of similar and easy to build . I decided to go with building 6 cylinders inline with 4 sheets of foam and then cut edges in an angle to make shape it into cylindrical shape . after attaching this to bettery hatch  the next part is exhausts which gives authentic look to engine . I have used copper tubes because they are easier to bend and has some weight as well . Its important to add weight since tail section has some weight .   

The engine assembly completely rest on the battery hatch also added couple of machine guns on side which acts as lock . I have added magnets to lock the hatch securely.

Nose spinner

Another peculiarity of this airplane is a nose spinners , its literally cherry on top .I tried to find one online which could fit this model but ended up building a custom spinner . I started with a circular balsa base at back with some plastic sheets for strength. Then I used some insulation foam and attached whole thing to the motor and used it to carve the spinner like a potter's wheel . I kept sanding until I got desired shape and made sure the spinner is running at high RPM . then I removed foam spinner from the base and carved grooves for the prop . Then I installed prop and stuck back spinner on top . 

Its important to make sure the spinner doesn't wobble in high RPM with prop on  


 After I was done with basic parts it was time to add some details to make it look more authentic . I added a radiator made out of card board mounted on top wing and a tiny windshield 

 there are numerous  color schemes available for this plane online but i decided to go with red and beige . Finally I installed some wires in the wings and this is a final result 

Its looks so beautiful , definitely you can also keep it as a show piece .


 Maiden flight was ok but I realized that it was bit tail heavy so I added some hot glue in the nose near power pod and made sure the CG is between the two bends made on the top wing . Since its a slow flyer I would recommend flying in winds under 10 MPH . here are some specifications 

 Power pack A 

prop : 6 X 3 

Battery : 850 mAmps

here are some settings I used on my radio 

 Aileron  rate : 50 % expo 30 %

 elevator rate : 80 % expo 20 % 

I hand launched it with 80% throttle in the wind , it feels under power at first  but then slowly starts to climb . 

Its a great slow flyer , really surprised with stability and performance . 


I hope you enjoy building this and share your experience in the comments !!  



Gryf on February 27, 2023
Nice work! It flies as good as it looks.
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owadkar on February 27, 2023
Thank you !! I wish flitetest would help me create plans for this to share .
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prayer3290 on March 20, 2023
You did it again! what a cool plane! could you please make an EDF f-16 next time?
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owadkar on March 25, 2023
thanks , Sure I will try some EDF jets as well
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MonkeyKing1969 on April 20, 2023
Its crazy because for teh past month I have been working on models made by Fiddlersgreen.net. I printed out the "Albaros" just two weeks ago and will be making it soon. However, I made his Mitsubishi A6M Zero, and it turned out amazing! His papercraft has just enough detail to make it look good on a shelf, but easy enough to put together over two days.
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owadkar on May 4, 2023
Yes , I built zero as well and it flies like butter !!
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MonkeyKing1969 on April 21, 2023
If you want and EDF jet that might be neat look at this Grumman Cougar at Fiddlers Green. I think it has a nice shape and looks like it could be built with formboard in the same was as Albatros.

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NYCBobby on May 11, 2023
Beautiful little plane. I love the copper tubing...nice touch.
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Mighty mini Albatros dva