Mikey's FPV v3 Scratch Build

by FliteTest | February 6, 2012 | (13) Posted in Projects

In this episode of Flite Test, watch as Josh Bixler walks us step by step, through building Mikeys FPV v3. This scratch build is a great FPV platform, and also a great slow flying trainer. Watch to learn how to build your own! 

 Get FREE plans here: http://mikeysrc.com/FPV_V3.html   

Parts we used: 

TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controller 

Turnigy Park450 Brushless Outrunner 1050kv 

LINKAGE stopper D2.1MM (10SETS) 

GWS EP Propeller (RD-1047 254x119mm) (6pcs/set)

HXT900 9g / 1.6kg / .12sec Micro Servo 

Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack 

PIN horns L22XW19XH.9 (10SETS)


Kotze101 on July 30, 2012
Where can I get the plans for this model that are not split into multiple pages???
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B_Cain on June 19, 2012
hey guys im trying to build one of these planes but im kind of a noob at this so i dont have any parts on hand also you guys should probably explain your videos better this one was hard to follow, go more in depth. so when i was trying to get all the parts and the transmitter half the stuff at hobby king was on back order so do you guys know any where else to get these parts cause im going to go to find one if hobby king doesn't put more things that everyone needs in stock
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Gersio on May 2, 2012
Hi guys,
Do you know, by any chance, the total weight of the plane. I just built one and is very heavy, in my opinion.
Please, keep on track, the shows, challenges and tips are the best part of my nights
Best regards
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strika62 on May 11, 2012
Will says that using anything other than Dollar Tree foamboard will significantly increase the weight of the plane. I bought Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby foamboard and, yup, the Dollar Tree foam board is significantly lighter. However, it is also much more difficult to peel, to cut and is not nearly as strong as the Hobby Lobby stuff. I ended up making my lower wing out of the heavy board just to give the plane a little more strength. My top wing is Dollar Tree foam (in black - impressive!)
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SlowFlyer on September 23, 2012
Hello, I'm a beginner in RC and I've started building this plane. I bought all the above material but wasn't sufficient.

First, jelofson is right, the props don't fit to this motor. So I've drilled them out.(Surely bad for the balance).

Need to buy connector XT60 connector (male) to put between battery and ESC then solder it.
It needs also a 3 wire connector between ESC and motor.

The motor mount link is found in the forum discussion.

Add also Servo extension cables.

Just the electronic equipment weight 360g (prop included).

Printing pages and assembling them first seems like a puzzle. You must print all in A4 and then put red lines together (with should be x inches).

Best regards.
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Kotze101 on August 3, 2012
The slot for the prop on the plans are towards the front of the top wing, but the one that Josh is building is towards the rear. Can I also move my motor around? Will this affect the CG line?
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hampilot on April 3, 2013
Why is there no anwser to this question?

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danallen82 on August 18, 2014
I second that, Josh's redesign has heavily modified the motor location. By eyeing the plans, Mikey's motor is directly mounted on the CG. So the prop is 1/2" behind the CG. But Josh's clearly located 2-3 inches back. I would assume it doesn't matter too much with the amount of drag and dihedral. I will personally try to original design first.
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jelofson on August 21, 2012
How on earth did you get those GWS props onto the collet of the park 450? Drill them out?

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mrjwebster on June 9, 2012
how far back did u mount the motor and how did u make the rudder.
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avgrech on January 20, 2013
what is the thickness of the fome used ? is 3mm fome good? i'm thinking of making one myself , that the only thickens we have here , i'l glue 2 sheets together if necessary , do you think it'll fly in the wind ? thanks for the help !!!
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twan1997 on March 9, 2013
it's dollar tree foam ==> 4mm thick, but it has paper on it, so it's alot stronger, if your 3mm foam does not have paper on it, I strong recomend glueing 2 sheet together
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ramaraofx on June 2, 2013
Hi, how many channels you used for this plane.could you please tell me .ailarons and rudder only or also used elevator channel. plz rply me
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danallen82 on March 14, 2014
Great work guys. What do you think of using a motor like the DT900 or DT1000? Its more torquey and it would probably pair well with this slow flyer.
Question - It looks like this GWS prop this just a standard slow fly. What about other high speed/pitch props?
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foolsworldus on December 21, 2013
hey I badly want this plane to take off from the ground all by itself.. is that possible and how???
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stsguy on August 17, 2014
Hey guys I built a v3 and made a few changes it looks great everyone at the hobby shop was drooling over it. I put a 480 park zone and a 40 amp plush 3ac but I am worried about the wieght. The motor is a 960 kv but I have a 10 10 prop I'm going to try to loft it today got wieght?
Stsguy5@hotmail.com if you want to see my pices
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Greymist on July 22, 2014
It seems i am in the same boat as a few others. How far forward from the trailing edge is the propeller slot?
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KevinR on July 25, 2016
So the only problem I had with the plane was the wing tends to warp and bend on itself. I think it is because there is no support on the wing what so ever. I built and flew this plane at the start of last winter, I flew the several times before I took couples weeks of break over Christmas. After the break, the wings got so out of shape and it became un-flyable, so I had to ditch it. But other than that a great plane! As my second plane at the time, I think I learned a lot from it!
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Daniel Kezar on October 24, 2018
do you have the plans still? the site is down so i cannot get them
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Roderick on June 21, 2019
Can we get the plans? The site is no longer available.
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Mikey's FPV v3 Scratch Build