Mobius ActionCam (HD1080P) review

by phildardecolmar | November 6, 2013 | (10 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

Hi all,

I wanted to whare my experience will all of u, as I've been following FT team for quite a while now, it's my turn to give good tips back.

I've been trying to do FPV since more than 10 years now, but things have become so easily accesible now, it's incredible. To get into FPV, I couldn't afford a GoPro, and I was waiting for a good low cost camera to start.

The Mobius HD Action Cam seemed to be a good choice and the price (69$ without SD card) confirmed my choice ; this camera is much better than PilotHD cam inclued in Fatshark Teleporter V3 review, so I now use it also for FPV.

It works really well, even with high contrasts between sunny and non-sunny views.

Image is really clear, colors are a little hotter than on the GoPro, especially the blue.

Another good point is the provided standoff (you can order more like me for all my models..), whitch is great to fix the camera to your different models ! 2 zip ties and you're done ! thanks David :-)

Here are a few recent footage taken in France :

Graupner Electro Junior S with Mobius and Teleporter v3 TX


Tricopter with Mobius (I hadn't a dampening system yet by the time, neither FPV setup)


Hope this will help you to make your choice .. !

Other tips are available on my homepage 

Enjoy ;-)




enivid on November 10, 2013
How much does it weigh?
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phildardecolmar on November 11, 2013
It weights 40g
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Hell2Go on November 11, 2013
that camera is available here.... looks nice... I put it on my wishlist!
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RoyBro on November 11, 2013
Did you use it for both the HD capture AND the FPV feed?
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phildardecolmar on November 11, 2013
Yes, i use it for both hd capture and fpv flight
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andy_spoo on November 11, 2013
I used one of these for the first time Sunday. The quality is really good and looks amazing on a 1080p TV (as you guessed, I was using it for HD capture). Firmware and software updates are relatively frequent. The latest can change the color tint depending on the lens used. The first one I received was faulty. It would not charge correctly, but the ebay seller/manufacturer responded very quickly to questions. They sent out a new battery, after asking if I was OK to replace it. Fault fixed. The best review, and the reason I bought it, is here:-

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andy_spoo on November 11, 2013
And by the way, youtube videos don't do it justice. As the reviewer on the link I left above comments, youtube drasticly reduces the quality (even the 1080p quality). It also have the ability to use it as a computer web-cam and a car cam (records when you start a journey). Very useful additions.
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uLightMe on November 21, 2013
I too bought the MOBIUS, I find the firmware development very active, windows client software allows for easy config and upgrade of the camera. I use mine mostly for timelapse videos, but I plan to start mounting it in RC models once I start flying.
Quality is not as good as the GoPro for sure, but for $80 or so, it's good enough.
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andy_spoo on November 22, 2013
I can't fault it. A big advantage over the Go Pro is it's fairly flat, so Waaayyyy more aerodynamic.
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